A Synchronicity 19 Years in the Making

A Synchronicity 19 Years in the Making

My editor for Dominion Over All sent me an email this week: “This video made me think of Zak.” The video she mentioned is below.  Zak is the protagonist of my YA fantasy novel about a 13-year old boy who is commissioned by the animal kingdom to speak to the United Nation’s Conference admonishing the world leaders to stop polluting our world.
While I remember learning about the U. N.’s Conference during my research, I only heard about Severn Suzuki, the young girl in the video this week.  As I watched, I was moved on several levels — by the power of her words and by the synchronicity of her speaking at the same Conference that I had Zak speak at in my fantasy world.

Severn Today

Severn Today

I originally wrote Dominion Over All in 1992-93. I wanted it to be both entertaining and enlightening and to make a difference in its own way. This year I decided it was time to quit waiting around for some agent or publisher to magically appear and to start putting my visionary fiction out into the world because we’re running out of time, so I revised and updated it.  I feel we all need to do our part for the planet and for our fellow beings with whom we share this earth.
Already I’m seeing the effects of my decision. I doubt I would have seen this video or heard of Severn if I’d not taken action.  I share this video in the hopes that we all can become more conscious and proactive — to paraphrase Severn, “to stop breaking things we don’t know how to fix.”
I invite your feedback with your comments below.

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  1. Cynthia Wisehart-Hen September 8, 2011 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    I have seen this before and, everytime, it brings tears to my eyes. I hope she has continued to fight for our world. Maybe, with your book more children will fight for their future. It is our fight, too…but sometimes it takes a child to remind us that we are affecting their future.

    • bradswift September 8, 2011 at 4:39 pm - Reply

      Can't believe it took me 19 years to see it. If I'd seen it while writing Dominion I'd probably would have 'borrowed' some of her speech for Zak's so probably just as well I didn't see the video until now.
      Hard copies of Dominion will be available by next week. I'm placing my order today for a workshop Ann and I are facilitating a Fitness for the Body, Mind and Spirit in H'ville this Sunday. Interview will be at 11 am service and workshop at 2 pm.

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