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Visiting Green Banks: You Gotta be Committed

A few weeks ago, my lovely wife (who's as geeky as me when it comes to stuff about space) and I drove over six long hours to see the Green Banks Observatory. Oh, and we brought along Argos for his first long-distance trip. He did great. In many ways, he did better than his two owners who needed frequent rest stops to stretch our stiff limbs. You see, Green Banks houses some of the world's largest [...]

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Babble Preview Chapters

 Start Here My audiobook narrator, Meg Price and I have recently submitted the audio files to ACX for their approval, the final step before Babble is released to the world in audiobook form. But you don't have to wait to join the adventures of Bobbie Cagle and his mother, Angela. Let's start with a few Babble preview chapters. Here's Chapter One:   Chapter Two is Here Chapter Three is Here While You're Here, Why Not Register for the #BabbleAudiobook [...]

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Enter to Win a Fire 7 Tablet by Helping Us Pick the Best Audiobook Sample

My audiobook narrator, Meg Price and I are getting closer each day to launching the audiobook edition of Babble into the world. Wooho!  But we could use your help in selecting the audio sample that you feel best captures the essence of the story and would help perspective readers decide to pick up a copy. In case you haven't yet read the book, (or you've read so many books lately you can't quite remember what Babble is about), here's a [...]

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How to Find Your Perfect Narrator through ACX

I was recently asked by some of my fellow authors on the Writing Accountability Facebook Group how I used ACX to find Meg Price who is narrating my book, Babble, so I thought I'd share the process here as well. (and yes, Meg is a perfect narrator for me and for Babble as you will learn as I share more about the process here on my blog.  )  It starts by signing into ACX using your Amazon Account. Once in, [...]

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Stars Beckon Call – It’s Launch Week!

It's finally here! It's Launch week for Stars Beckon Call ! While others gamble for their lives, Jason Joval is gambling his away... Don't miss the exclusive Stars Beckon Call Book Launch Bonuses in the back of the book--two additional SF thrillers plus a fun contest to win the complete 6-book series, Saga of the Dandelion Expansion. In a far future dystopian world where the chips are heavy and the House always wins, citizens of the Mid-Eastern [...]

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Stars Beckon Call – Chapter Six (Final Preview before Launch)

Just over a week from now Stars Beckon Call will be launched into the world. Hint: It's Wednesday, May 2nd. But in the meantime, how about one final preview chapter to whet your appetite along with a couple more early reviews? dab A quite enjoyable story, good characters and plot, theres a couple of errors but they didn't distract from whats a quite enjoyable read, Hope it becomes a series of books, it would be interesting to see [...]

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Stars Beckon Call – Chapter Five

It won't be long before Launch Day for Stars Beckon Call. Hint: It's Wednesday, May 2nd. But in the meantime, how about one more chapter to whet your appetite along with a couple more early reviews? Human spirit at its best I loved this book! It showed that people can persevere and survive. It had endearing moments, excitement and sadness. It also had some twists and turns that weren't expected! Quite enjoyed reading it. It does [...]

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Stars Beckon Call – Chapters Three & Four

Just when I thought it was safe to jump back into life, I awoke during the night with some kind of intestinal bug so I'll keep today's introduction short. Speaking of short, today you'll find two short chapters as Jason Stoval's story continues to unfold. But first, here are a couple more review from readers who enjoyed Stars Beckon Call while it was on Woah I wasn't expecting that! This is an awesome story that [...]

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