Stars Beckon Call – Chapters Three & Four

Just when I thought it was safe to jump back into life, I awoke during the night with some kind of intestinal bug so I'll keep today's introduction short. Speaking of short, today you'll find two short chapters as Jason Stoval's story continues to unfold. But first, here are a couple more review from readers who enjoyed Stars Beckon Call while it was on Woah I wasn't expecting that! This is an awesome story that [...]

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Stars Beckon Call – Chapter Two

Are you ready to find out what new trouble Jason Joval gets himself into in chapter two of Stars Beckon Call? But first, here are a couple more early reviews of the rough draft. (Missed the first chapter? Find it HERE.) Stars Beckon Call This book is set in a dystopian future where all is not what it seems. Jason lives in a world where the length of your life is chosen by a game of [...]

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Sudan’s Passing: Last Male Northern White Rhino Died March 19, 2018

I first heard about Sudan on CBS Sunday Morning, followed by an online article from Wired a day or two later. The story struck a chord for a couple of reasons. First, I'm a long time animal lover. It's what had me decide at the age of seven to pursue my first career as a small animal veterinarian. Second, I've been pondering for some time what I might write about on this blog that my readers would find [...]

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Stars Beckon Call – Chapter One

I'm excited to announce that Stars Beckon Call will be published soon, either in late April or early May. So, what, you might say. Well, perhaps a brief description, a few early reviews, and a sample chapter, or three or four might entice you. While others gamble for their lives, Jason Jouval is gambling his away... In a far future dystopian world where the chips are heavy and the House always wins, citizens of the Mid-Eastern Cone [...]

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Ellenore Loses Her Muse – Audio Samples

I love audiobooks. Just about everything I read these days has to have an audiobook format option available or, well, I just don't buy it. That's why I want all my own books made into audiobooks. I'm also interested in trying my hand at narrator my own books, starting with a few short stories. Here are two short samples from my recent Patreon exclusive Fantastic Fable: Ellenore Loses Her Muse. Which do you prefer? Please leave [...]

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Lessons Learned from My First Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Recently, Instafreebie offered authors the opportunity to be part of a pilot program on how to conduct a successful crowdfunding project. I applied along with some 70 other authors. I was shocked and pleased to learn that I was one of ten authors selected for the program. (Happy Dance!) The next two months was an exciting time in which I learned a lot and, as it turned out, earned a bit as well. Here are some [...]

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What Do You Prefer I Send You in My Newsletter

I wrote and emailed a newsletter on life purpose for close to twenty years and pretty much knew what my readers wanted to receive. Now, as an author of visionary fiction and nonfiction, I'd like to provide readers as much as possible with what they want to receive. So, help me out by checking ALL the items below that you'd like to see in the OJB/WBS Amazingly Awesome Newsletter. Feel free to make additional suggestions in [...]

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OJB's supernatural thriller, Babble, selected for Kindle Scout

Kindle Scout - American Idol for Indie Authors Will you help me be discovered? Yep, my dog, Argos, and I are doing our happy dance today. Why? Because my newest supernatural thriller, Babble, has just been accepted into Kindle Scout! This book has been a joy to write in collaboration with many awesome Launch Team members who were so kind and generous with their time and talents helping as proofers and beta readers. (Thanks, once again.) [...]

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Weaving 2 Book Series Together – Brilliant or Really Bad Idea?

Over a year ago I had, what I thought at the time was a brilliant idea to weave together the Kindred Series (Seeds of a New Birth, etc.) with the FreeForm series. After all, both storylines have at their core the mishaps that can take place with genetic engineering. The more I looked into this the better I liked the idea. I figured I could connect the two by sharing characters and merging them into the [...]

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Blood Ivory (My Research Continues)

I'm resuming my research and "pre-writing" for book #3 of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series with the working title of Ivory (also considering Blood Ivory). Still trying to come up with a palatable way to share about the terrible crime of ivory poaching that is endangering the elephant populations of the world in a way that will inspire young people without totally grossing them out or giving them nightmares. Your ideas and suggestions are invited. Leave [...]

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