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FreeForm: Crash, the long-awaited prequel to the FreeForm series.

The world won’t know what hit it…

Tasked to assess a Level III Civilization deep in space, Sluneg is fast-approaching the respective planet—one known only as Earth. When his vessel experiences a grave malfunction, an unlikely assistant may guide him to safety, but, without a quiet landing, the entire mission will be put in jeopardy. Can Crenosian technology live up to its intergalactic renown?

B.I.U.F.O.’s secret taskforce hasn’t missed the object barreling down on them, and, with lack of a better option, recently inducted field agent Pat Vogt is chosen to investigate. Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina, a seeming aircraft is set for collision, but no one could possibly imagine the repercussions of its cargo.

Aboard, a dark cocoon is pulsing. Now, it’s a race against time.


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4 Responses to Your Free Copy of FreeForm

“I really enjoyed reading Freform. I thought it was a great story and well written. I am looking forward to more of your work.”
Roylyne Markos
“Glad you liked it, Roylyne. I just made book 2 available on Amazon — FreeForm Reborn. The story continues. I’d really appreciate a review of FreeForm on Amazon. How about it?”
W. Bradford Swift
“Thank you Brad. I look forward to reading your work.”
“Thanks, Brad. I hope your readers sample them all.”
Mari Collier
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