Manifesto #8: The Composition of the Universe

Manifesto #8: The Composition of the Universe

We’re continuing to explore the Life On Purpose Perspective and how it applies to being…especially being a visionary writer and author.  So, let’s pick it up with a ‘heady’ question that may take you pack to 9th grade science class:

What is the simplest component of the physical part of the cosmos: the basic building block that we learned about in 9th grade science class?

It’s atoms, right? And atoms come together to form molecules of matter, so fill in those blanks on the diagram above.

Now, let’s look at the nonphysical side. On this side, there are not one but two components that come together to form a different kind of “molecule.” So, what gives us our sense of ourselves, of who we are? What are those two basic building blocks of our being? Try this on:

•    Our thoughts
•    Our feelings (or emotions)

These two come together to forms molecules of meaning. Consider this perspective for just a moment. When you do, you may notice that, just like in our example above with the two people starting work, there are thoughts and feelings that empower us and enhance our lives and those that can disempower us and detract from life.

That leads us back to life purpose and a major point of this exercise. I’d like you to consider that we have not one but two purposes, in that we have two powerful life shaping forces in our life, as represented in our diagram by the two smaller circles to the left of the larger ones.

Circle 4 represents your true life purpose. I often refer to this as your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose because it helps remind me that the very foundation from which our true purpose arises is the attractive force of Universal Love. This foundation can also equate with one’s relationship to God or a Higher Power, or one’s spiritual nature or spirituality.

So, in Circle 4 write:
•    Love
•    D. I. L. P.

And this is who we truly are. We are “Divinely Inspired” spiritual beings brought to earth to have a physical experience. But we’re not quite done yet.  What about Circle 5? Well, as we all know, we often have thoughts and feelings that aren’t based in Universal Love, that don’t give us a sense of abundance, and that don’t give us the freedom to flow with life.

And that’s our second purpose. What I refer to as the Inherited Purpose. This second powerful life shaping force isn’t based in Universal Love, but is instead based in fear, a sense of lack, and a need to struggle in order to survive.

And here’s the last main point for now:

The Inherited Purpose is the lie you’ve been telling yourself about yourself and about life for so long that you’ve come to believe it to be true…and it’s not. It’s a LIE.

The reason we call it the ‘Inherited Purpose’ is because it’s developed so early in our life, during our formative years as a child, and it often feels like something we were born into, or inherited.

And it’s also formed from “molecules of meaning,” but these molecules are of a different nature from those of our true purpose. These molecules are based in fear, and a sense of lack, and they often lead to us struggling to make it in life. You see, for all of us as we go through these early formative years, stuff happens and people say things that have us feeling threatened or insecure. These can be major traumatic happenings like the loss of a parent, or a divorce, or a series of smaller incidences.

When they happen we feel threatened, unsafe or insecure, and since we’re naturally “meaning-making beings”, we make up some meaning…oh, not on a conscious level but quietly in the background of our awareness. Before we know it, we’ve fabricated a story that explains or justifies all those things that have happened, not even realizing that the story is based in fear and lack. We also think that the story is true, but it’s not. It’s a lie. It’s a fantasy.

But, in the same way that our true life purpose can shape our actions and results, our Inherited Purpose can shape the actions we see to take, and those actions will be consistent and in a dance with the lie, and will lead to results that are consistent with the story, which of course, only goes on to fortify and make the Inherited Purpose story that much more real.

Now for some good news: Uncovering the Inherited Purpose and bringing it from the background of our consciousness to the foreground is one of the most important steps in clarifying your true purpose and then living true to it. When you’ve distinguished your Inherited Purpose, you can then begin to have an Inherited Purpose rather than being had by it.

But there’s one last piece of the ‘clarity of purpose’ puzzle – being able to live true to your purpose. Of course, that’s for our next Bloginar session.

In the meantime, it’s your turn.  What are you gleaning from the Bloginar.  Is it making sense? What would you add to the conversation?

This inquiring mind really wants to know so share your thoughts in the comment section.

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