If you’ve been following me through Life On Purpose Institute for very long you know that one of my most purposeful, pleasurable and prolific ways I’ve chosen to express my life purpose is through the written word (as I have been doing with Purposeful Pondering Ezine since it’s launch in 1997).

For 25 years I’ve written hundreds of magazine articles for regional, national and international magazines, published hundreds of ezine articles, written numerous Purposeful Reports, and published five books with more on the way.


I have found during that time that I not only love to express my purpose through writing, I also love to share what I’ve learned along the way with other aspiring writers.

In fact, I believe writers are key players in our creating a World On Purpose. The following quote captures why I believe this to be true:

“Words do not label things already there. Words are like the knife of the carver. They free the idea, the thing, from the general formlessness of the outside. As a man speaks [and writes], not only is his language in a state of birth, but also the very thing about which he is talking.” — Old Eskimo saying”

It is this belief that has led me to taking a stand for “Visionary Writers.” (And yes, this blog is a part of that stand.)

I’ve expanded upon this stand in my Visionary Writer’s Manifesto. Whether your a visionary writer or reader, I believe you’ll find the manifesto has something of value for you. To receive your free copy and to be kept up to date with this blog simply click on the *Follow button on the lower right hand side of this or any other page.

We can nudge the world forwards and in the process create a World On Purpose.

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