Mommy – Where Do Magic Cats Come From?

Mommy – Where Do Magic Cats Come From?

My friends and writing colleagues know that one of the main reason I’m writing the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Series is because I care greatly about our planet and the young ones who are inheriting it from us (not in all that great a shape I might add).
So, in celebration of Sunday’s Earth Day I decided it would be fun to write a short story that answers the question:

Where do magic cats come from?  Specifically where did Ra-Kit get her magic?

It just came available as a Kindle ebook this morning (Saturday, April 21), but I also realized not everyone has a Kindle or uses Kindles apps, so in an effort to make this quirky story available to more people, I’m also offering it here as a downloadable PDF.  And both the Kindle and PDF versions will be free for the first 3 days. After that, you can purchase either version for a mere $1.79.  Also, both editions come with two bonus chapters of book one of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series, Dominion Over All. What a deal, right?
Of course, if you like the story, it would be great if you’d take a little cybertrip to Amazon and give it a positive review. But mainly, I just thought you’d appreciate learning about a bit of Ra-Kit’s past that is just now coming to light. I sure hope Ra-Kit doesn’t get mad at me.  Just like it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature, it’s a really bad idea to get on the wrong side of a magic cat.

Okay, to download the Kindle version of Ra-Kit’s Initiation, Go Here.

You can download the PDF edition right here.

And of course, you can always leave me a message below in the comment section. Just be nice. <G>

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