My Manifesto for Visionary Writers – Bloginar Kickoff

My Manifesto for Visionary Writers – Bloginar Kickoff

Part One:  What You Can Expect To Get Out of this Manifesto

“I don’t think writers are sacred, but words are. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you might nudge the world a little or make a poem that children will speak for you when you are dead” — Tom Stoppard

This manifesto is a statement and a stand for a possibility and a vision:
That, while,  it is possible to express your true life purpose in many different ways, one of the most powerful, effective, engaging and fun ways to “nudge the world a little” (or even a lot)  — to create a World On Purpose — is with the written word. In the process you become not only a visionary but a Visionary Writer.
This manifesto is for people who really get this.  You may be an experienced writer with years or even decades under your belt, or you may be an aspiring writer just starting out who really want to “get it right as you write.”  It’s likely you’re one of those people has said at some point, “I just have to write — it’s a part of who I am.”  Yet, at the same time, you may not consider yourself a “born writer.”  I know I sure don’t.  I barely scrapped by my English Composition classes in school, and it wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I caught the writing bug.
You see, after over a decade and a half of living my own life on purpose, I’m clear that anything you do in life will be greatly enhanced if you take the time to ‘pour’ it into the context or container of your true life purpose. (We’ll explore more about what I mean by that in this manifesto), but at the same time there are some things that simply appear to be more “in the beam” of your purpose. This manifesto (and web site) are for people for whom writing is one of those “in the beam” activities.
The Pure Joy of Expressing Your Life Purpose
Many of the ways you may choose to express your life purpose will be acted upon for the pure joy of expressing your true Self, including, perhaps, much of your writing efforts.  At the same time, I imagine a lot of you “Visionary Writers On Purpose” would love to be able to design your life so that a significant or even primary way in which you sustain yourself, not only spiritually but also physically and financially is through your writing.
If that’s true for you, you’ve come to the write place…I mean the right place. Well, actually I mean both.
One of the primary purposes of is to explore how writing can be one of the ways of expressing yourself that is, not only emotionally, mentally, and spiritually fulfilling, but also financially. This manifesto is the start of this exploration.
What the H_ _ _ is a Bloginar?
Well, it’s a word I thought I made up until I Goggled it and found others had also made it up. So, let me explain what I mean by it since this manifesto will first be offered in the form of a “Bloginar” — a series of blog posts that starts with this one appearing on Tuesday, November 1, 2011. The Bloginar will continue every Tuesday, Thursday  and Saturdays until the manifesto is complete — probably sometime in the first week of December.
I strongly encourage and am actively seeking your contribution through making comments in the form of questions that you may have about the topic, observations you’d like to share, and insights of what you glean from the experience.  I will then take the best of all of it and compile it into My Manifesto for Visionary Writers — Creating a World On Purpose with the Written Word that will then be available for download as a PDF document sometime before the end of the year.
So, here’s your first chance.  Why not take 30 seconds to leave a comment, question, observation and/or insight.  Ready…set…go.
Next Time: Who is This Manifesto Written For?

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