Use Equal Energy Exchanges to Enhance Your Writing Career

Use Equal Energy Exchanges to Enhance Your Writing Career

Equal Energy Exchanges Work

One of the things I’m finding as I focus more of my life energy on being a visionary writer that’s both interesting and fun is how many different aspects of being a life coach I can apply to my writing aspirations.  For example, using Equal Energy Exchanges – a self made distinction I’ve used with many of my coaching clients in the past.
So, what is an Equal Energy Exchange (EEE) and how can we visionary writers use them to our advantage (and everyone else’s advantage for that matter)?  Well, an EEE is a way of looking at life that can free us up from the constraints often placed on us when it comes to matters of money.  You see, it’s my observation that most people are more than a little nuts when it comes to matters of money and finance…and yes, I’m definitely including myself in the nut bowl.
However, I’ve come to realize and embrace this truism:

Money is just one form of the infinite resources available to us all that we can tap into to live our life on purpose

Now, granted money is a very useful and convenient form of ‘infinite resources,’ but still it’s just one form of energy.  When we consider it this way, then the idea of Equal Energy Exchanges become quite interesting.  For example, I have over 22 years of experience as a life and business coach.  That’s a valuable resource I can offer to others in exchange for something they have that I need, like:

  • Web Design
  • Editorial Services
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Marketing and Promotion

Of course, the list could be much longer but you get the idea.  Sure, it takes a little extra work to sort out what the Equal Energy Exchange might be, but I’ve found the little extra effort is well worth it, for I get to share a valuable service with another while also receiving a valuable service back.
So, here are a few nuggets I’ve learned about making EEE’s work well:

  1. Have a written ‘Clarity Agreement’: Create an agreement up front that outlines the specifics of the Equal Energy Exchange. This way, down the road, weeks or months after you’ve started working with the other person, if a question arises, you’ll have something to fall back on as to what the actual agreement was.  It keeps matters clean and clear.
  2. Know your worth: I mean this both in the sense of having good self esteem as well as having a dollar figure of your value, and that they both be realistic, as in grounded in reality. For example, I know my value as a coach because many people have paid me well for my services over the last two decades.  So, while I have the freedom to negotiate with someone around my coaching rates if I’m so inclined, I know not to just give this service away because then it wouldn’t be an Equal Energy Exchange.
  3. Look Beyond the Obvious: We all have talents and abilities, several of which we probably take so much for granted that we might fail to include them in an EEE negotiation. For example, I love to chop wood. It’s a great way for me to relax after a heavy dose of writing or coaching time.  So, recently, one of my neighbors had several large oak trees cut down to protect her house from falling limbs.  We negotiated my splitting the wood in exchange for my receiving some of the wood.  Okay, I realize the example doesn’t directly relate to writing, but you get the idea — look beyond the obvious.
  4. Join a LETS Group – LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading System, and there are popping up all over.  Being a member of one of these is like EEE on speed or steroids because here you can trade your services with a much larger base of folks.  Here’s how they work, direct from my LETS home page:

“Unlike direct trade (where both parties must want what the other offers and exchange in roughly equal amounts), LETS members exchange services for credits (called, simply, “LETS”) which can then be swapped for the services of any other member in the network. Members are able to earn LETS in ways they could never earn dollars and they can get what they need without spending hard-earned cash.”

For example, I found a great editor for my writing here. While she didn’t need my coaching services, I was able to use her editing services because another member wanted my coaching services. Often times, you can also sell items you no longer have a use for in exchange for LETS. I sold two gumball machines to a member who was thrilled to have them for his studio. Then I turned around and hired my editor for my next book. Check Here for a LETS in your area.

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