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The Writer’s Taffy Machine

(Excerpted from the book, From Spark to Flame: Fanning Your Passion & Ideas into Money-making Magazine Articles that Make a Difference which is currently being revised and updated.) Growing up, one of my favorite places to spend summer vacation was along the coast of North Carolina at Atlantic Beach, and one of my fondest memories is of watching the automatic taffy-pulling machine. Into one end of this magical machine, the owner would pour the ingredients for [...]

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Debriefing the FreeForm Series Relaunch

The purpose of this blog post is to debrief the relaunch of the FreeForm science fiction thriller series. Let me start with a little background. This project began several months ago during which time I did a lot of prep work including: All new covers for all six books, (Designed by Victor Habbick. Thanks Victor.) New blurbs/book descriptions (written by Maxwell, aka dogpillow. Awesome job Max) A new prequel story entitled Freeform: Crash, Additional editing, and [...]

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FreeForm Series – The Relaunch of the Century (At least in my mind)

NOTE: If you've already read this post previously, scroll down for an update on the FreeForm project. To be honest, I wasn’t going to write about my upcoming relaunch project even though it is a massive undertaking that involves six of my previously published books and a new story that’s a prequel to the whole series. But, I told myself, these books aren’t really visionary fiction, and that's the focus of my 100+ Blog Post Game. [...]

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100+ Blog Posts Game (Part 1) – A New Game to Play

I've recently created a new writing game that goes like this: To write 100 or more blog posts in a timely fashion while writing as well as I can as a way to express myself as a visionary author while also sharing my books novels and stories with the world. Let me be honest. This is my experiment in creating marketing and promotion as an expression of my true self. Each post will focus on visionary [...]

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Lessons Learned from My First Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Recently, Instafreebie offered authors the opportunity to be part of a pilot program on how to conduct a successful crowdfunding project. I applied along with some 70 other authors. I was shocked and pleased to learn that I was one of ten authors selected for the program. (Happy Dance!) The next two months was an exciting time in which I learned a lot and, as it turned out, earned a bit as well. Here are some [...]

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My 2015 Book Marketing Plan

I received an email from Peter Piazza, who recently published I've Nothing To Offer on Amason as a POD book. Peter asked me how to market and promote books.  I wrote back that was the $64,000 question all indie and hybrid authors are asking these days with the evolution and revolution of self-publishing. I also promised I would write more about what I've learned in this past year and especially what my marketing plans are for this [...]

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How to Market Your Books on Goodread

I could write a really long and involved blog post about this topic or I could let Cynthia Shannon, Author Marketing Coordinator for Goodreads do it instead, and since she knows far more about it than I do at this point, I'll just simply share her great video on the subject. This will also free up a little time so I can implement some of the great suggestions Cynthia makes in the video. Just click on [...]

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