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On Becoming a (Homeschool) Teacher

Some years after we’d completed the job of homeschooling our daughter, Amber, I asked my wife, Ann, her recollections on how we’d come to make such an important decision in our only child’s future. I learned that Ann’s recollections were almost completely different from my own. At the end of the conversation, we agreed that while our paths had been different our final destination had been the same. We realized that homeschooling Amber was consistent with [...]

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Canine Candy Striper

For weeks we listened to the news about the devastating effects wrought on New Orleans and the Louisiana coast by Hurricane Katrina. Being a former veterinarian I was particularly sensitive to the horror stories I heard about the thousands of displaced pets. My gut would not let me rest. I felt compelled to do something but what? I remember awakening in the middle of the night with the clear message: "go help the displaced pets." I [...]

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Sneaking Up On Commitment – A Bit of Visionary Nonfiction

Before turning my attention to writing fiction, I spent a number of years writing for magazines and other nonfiction publications. One of my favorite that I continue to write for on occasions is the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I consider these true stories to be visionary nonfiction in that they also have a similar intention to my visionary fiction - to entertain while also inspiring the reader and providing insights into life. So, I'm [...]

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Sudan’s Passing: Last Male Northern White Rhino Died March 19, 2018

I first heard about Sudan on CBS Sunday Morning, followed by an online article from Wired a day or two later. The story struck a chord for a couple of reasons. First, I'm a long time animal lover. It's what had me decide at the age of seven to pursue my first career as a small animal veterinarian. Second, I've been pondering for some time what I might write about on this blog that my readers would find [...]

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2015: Your Most On Purpose Year Yet?

Or will 2015 be more of the same old, same old? For many of us, at this time of the year, our thoughts turn to the new year. Maybe we'll create a New Year's resolution or two, maybe we'll make a promise to ourselves to finally write that book, go on that diet, take up tap dancing...whatever. But for how many of us, do we pledge to have the coming year be the most purposeful, passion-filled [...]

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2 Purposeful Book Promo Starts Tomorrow – March 8

I'm taking a couple minutes to chronicle the launch of a major (at least for me) book promotion that starts on Saturday, March 8th.  Here's the details that will start appearing tomorrow: My book Spiral of Fulfillment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity & Spiritual Serenity is now FREE on! Grab your copy here:  . If you live in the UK you can download it for free on the UK website here: You [...]

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In Celebration of Valentine's Day: Sneaking Up On Commitment

I know no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to share how I met my Valentine almost twenty-five years ago and how we snuck up on commitment. (This true story also appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!: 101 Inspirational Stories about Fun, Family, and Wedded Bliss ) Happy Valentine's Day my lovely Ann. “Your task is not to seek for love, but to find the barriers in yourself that you have built against [...]

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Writing Groups Work (when you work them)

We were originally called the Project Purpose Writing Team but then, when we outgrew that name, we became the Visionary Writers On Purpose Team. We met weekly on the phone via teleconferencing and we'd share our writing projects, our successes, our failures, and our breakthroughs.  We varied in number from a half dozen to a dozen or more scattered all over the country (including Canada). And we wrote. We wrote magazine articles. We wrote poetry. Several [...]

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Title Search for Business Book

Ann and I have been hard at play in revising and updating a book of mine that chronicles the key principles I've learned about the power of creating a coaching climate in a professional business, and now we're looking for the right title and subtitle for it. So, being a big believer in the power of collaboration as well as creating fun games, I'm seeking assistance in finding that right title and subtitle that will help [...]

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Where to Start on the Spiral of Fulfillment

As I wrote last time, wherever you begin on the Spiral of Fulfillment, if you stay involved you will no doubt find the other aspects of the Spiral slipping naturally into your life as well. Here’s a brief overview of some of the starting points where you may begin to align your life with the universal flow which will ultimately lead to a “life on purpose.” Service Service has gotten a bad rap lately, [...]

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