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Have you ever thought about the important relationship that exists between an author and his readers? I have…a lot. Without readers, writing is like trying to live in a vacuum…not easy and certainly not much fun or fulfilling.

I have the rare privilege to write stories that entertain, engage and hopefully inspire other people — you, my readers. And now with today’s technology, I can do that without dealing with all the politics and constraints of the Traditional Publishing Machine.

Readers matter…a lot. Without readers, writers and authors are whistling in the wind.

So, I figured some readers might want to take a step up and become even more important part of my journey as an author by becoming part of my OBJ/WBS Launch Team. Like the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes other people to build a successful writing career — readers for sure, but also readers who will leave reviews, maybe share new releases with their friends, and generally believe in the author’s work.

So here’s the deal:

Sign up below to join the Launch Team, and, in return you’ll receive:

  • Free advance preview copies of EVERYTHING I release – that includes books, audiobooks, short stories collections, fiction and nonfiction.
  • Cool prizes – just for signing up. I’ll add your name to regular raffles and giveaways I regularly conduct where you can win signed paper copies, Amazon Gift Cards, Kindle ereaders, and other swag. (How about a nifty t-shirt with my mug on the front…hmmm, maybe not.)
  • My eternal gratitude.

This is completely different from being part of my mailing list. You’ll be part of a select group of super-awesome readers. And, in addition to getting free copies of EVERYTHING I release before anyone else, you get to see exactly what impact your support has on the success of my work. In short, think of this as a VIP Membership.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, there’s one main condition. Being part of the Launch Team means you’ll be asked to leave a review of the books you receive within a certain time period after receiving your copies (usually 1 – 2 weeks). As far as conditions go, I hope that’s not too bad!

Sign up below to join the Launch Team and let’s get to reading and reviewing.

Thanks for all your support!

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