Unlocking the Potential of the Human Mind

Scientific Breakthrough...Or a Really Bad Idea?

Research geneticist and genetic engineer, Lionel Adams is onto something hot --the key to unlocking the vast reserves of the human mind. Everyone is interested in it. Bio Vita Tech, the genetics research lab he works for, is excited about the possibilities and the potential mega-profits. So are their foreign competitors who are counting on their inside man at Bio Vita to deliver Adam's secret into their hands.

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What Others Are Saying About Seeds of a New Birth

"A great read! Fast paced and thought provoking." ~  Mark S.

"Touched on my concern about the fine line in science field vs. the draw devasting greed." ~  Sheila K.

"A thoroughly engrossing book. It's a sign of a good story that I continue thinking about the characters after the book is done." ~ A. Bell

"Book is well-plotted with interesting characters and a fascinating premise. Can't wait for the sequel." ~ Steven S.