Tasked to assess a Level III Civilization deep in space, Sluneg is fast-approaching the respective planet—one known only as Earth. When his vessel experiences a grave malfunction, an unlikely assistant may guide him to safety, but, without a quiet landing, the entire mission will be put in jeopardy. Can Crenosian technology live up to its intergalactic renown?

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Free Form: Crash

The long-awaited prequel to the FreeForm Series

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“I heartily recommend this ebook to anyone who enjoys a twist on alien invasion stories

Colin Noel-Johnson
“A great read! Fast paced and thought provoking.”
Mark S.
“Touched on my concern about the fine line in science field vs. the draw devasting greed.”
Sheila K.

“A thoroughly engrossing book. It’s a sign of a good story that I continue thinking about the characters after the book is done.”

A. Bell
“Book is well-plotted with interesting characters and a fascinating premise. Can’t wait for the sequel.”
Steven S.