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I thought I was done with coaching. After all, I’d devoted 30 years to coaching in one form or another, 22 years coaching people in their life purpose. I thought that I just wanted to devote all my time to writing. However, after a few years, I discovered that I missed the interaction with people that coaching provided. Retiring from something that I love so much was inauthentic for me. I missed connecting with people in such an in-depth way.

I also realized during this time that not only do I need that interaction with others, but I’m also wired up to make a difference with people and that was missing when I was only writing. I needed a more direct experience of contributing to people.

While I can’t be sure what impact this had on others, I know it affected my wife because I was even more difficult to live with when I didn’t have the outlet of coaching other people, and of course, the people who could have benefitted from my coaching weren’t even given a choice in the matter.

So, I began to explore how I could combine my 30 years of writing with my 3 decades of coaching. I call it my Reese’s Cup moment. The old commercial showed two people running into each other. One was eating a chocolate bar while the other one was eating peanut butter. Crash – Reeses’ was born. What came out of my Reeses’ Cup moment of smushing together my writing experience with my coaching expertise is Write On Purpose Coaching.

One of my main focuses is assisting people who have spent years talking about one day / someday writing a book, and helping them to see that it is possible to start now. This may include working with them to clarify their true purpose in life where the finished product, the book, becomes a significant part of their life legacy.

As a Write On Purpose Coach, I also work with writers who may have become stuck or who aren’t sure how to move their writing career forward.

So, who are my ideal clients?

People I’m Here to Serve

People who love to read and likely have thought or said somewhere along the way:

  • I could have written that book/article/essay,
  • One day/someday I’d like to write a book (or more than one),
  • I love to tell stories about my life and when I do, others have said, “You know, you should write a book.”

You may be at that point in life when you’re ready to express yourself through your writing, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or memoirs. Perhaps you want to develop the skill of writing personal essays and seeing them in print where others can enjoy and benefit from them.

Last of all, you may be in a business where having written one or more books on the subject of that business would leverage you as an expert in your chosen profession.

If you find yourself in one or more of these scenarios, then you owe it to yourself to explore how you could benefit from tapping into my decades of coaching and writing. You see, I’ve done all those things listed. I’ve written over twenty-five books of fiction and nonfiction. One of my first books was Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life that was instrumental in my life coaching. I’ve also written and had published over a hundred articles in regional, national, and international magazines. I’ve had a number of my personal essays published in such venues as the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

What Coaching Makes Possible

Clarity of Vision: I’ll help you get clear about your current starting point including the resources you have available that you may not realize. You’ll then create a vision for yourself as a published and profitable writer, or whatever your intention as a writer/author happens to be.

Accountability: With me as your coach, you’ll have someone who will support you in moving boldly forward with fulfilling your vision.

Guidance: Between the point of your current situation and your vision for yourself as a writer is a space I call the Gap. My job is to collaborate with you and coach you in closing that Gap. We’ll do this through regular coaching sessions that will include specific Call to Action assignments.

A Little Cheerleading: And yes, I’ll be your cheerleader along the way. I’m known as a positive and playful coach (who can also be ruthlessly compassionate when needed.) We’ll celebrate your victories and debrief your occasional failures in a way that will leave you empowered and back in the game.

So What’s Involved?

Here are the steps to take:

The Initial Coaching Consultation: This initial consultation has two primary intentions:

  • Add value to your life. In the process, you’ll also experience a slice of coaching so you’ll know what to expect going forward.
  • Help us determine if we’re a good fit.

Create a Coaching Structure: If we do determine that we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll take a few minutes to create a coaching structure: number of sessions per month, duration of the coaching relationship, fee structure, etc.

Forge Ahead: We’ll schedule your first coaching session along with creating your initial Call to Action Assignment. Between the consultation and the first coaching session, I’ll send you a Coaching Agreement that outlines the relationship we’ve custom-designed for you. And we’re off and running…well, writing on purpose with passion and a sense of play.

Ready to Take Action?

Nothing happens without action. If what you’ve just read sounds like it may be just what you’ve been looking for (even if you didn’t realize it), then take the next step. Move from that “one day/someday I’ll write a book,” or “become a published and profitable writer/author,” or whatever your dream is. The next action to take is to complete the coaching questionnaire below to request your no-obligation consultation.

Ready to Start with a Breakthrough in Your Writing?

You may also be interested in kicking off fulfilling on your writing dream with a Writer’s Breakthrough Intensive.

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