Your Writing Legacy is Just a Pen Stroke Away

Do you picture your family, years down the line, cherishing the books or stories you’ve written? Can you almost hear the laughter, see the tears, or sense the wisdom being passed down through your words? If this dream resonates with you, welcome home.

My Un-Retirement Journey Back to Coaching

I thought I had permanently shelved my coaching after a rewarding 30-year career, which included co-founding the Life On Purpose Institute. The call of the written word was alluring, yet as the days passed, I missed something invaluable—the unique spark that comes from deeply connecting with someone like you. How could I walk away from something that gives me such joy and fulfillment?

What Others Are Saying

“Working with Brad Swift and his Write on Purpose coaching program has been nothing short of transformative for both my writing and my overall approach to life.

Imagine having a mentor who not only helps you hone your craft but also guides you in aligning your work with your deepest passions and life goals. It’s like having a writing consultant and life coach wrapped into one, creating a holistic experience that I haven’t found anywhere else.” – Rebecca Nagy, Author of Phoenix Rising: Initiation

You see, it’s not just the one-on-one connections I crave; it’s the opportunity to help someone like you leave a lasting legacy. Writing alone couldn’t satisfy that yearning. That’s when the light bulb went on—why not combine my decades of experience in writing with my years of life coaching? Hence, Write On Purpose Coaching was born.

Hear From Those Who’ve Embarked on Their Journey

“He had me stay present to the difference I wanted to make with my book that had me write it in the first place. This had me take action during times when I really wanted to find good reasons to procrastinate.” – J. D. Daniels, author of Unbullyable

Is Write On Purpose Coaching for You?

If your home is a sanctuary of books, yet your heart is hoarding drafts for that “Someday” project, you’re who I’ve been waiting for.

  • “I could pen that children’s book filled with life’s greatest lessons.”
  • “My life story could be a touching memoir or a riveting piece of fiction.”
  • “One day, I’ll write something that will outlive me.”

What’s in It for You

  • Clarity of Vision: We’ll dig deep to discover what you truly want to accomplish, even uncovering gems you didn’t know you had.
  • Accountability: Think of me as your creative companion, your steward on this journey to make your writing aspirations a reality.
  • Guidance: Together, we’ll plot the course that connects your current position to your dream, filled with practical milestones.
  • Your Personal Legacy Blueprint: We’ll design this together, capturing the steps that will turn your writing dreams into your family’s heirloom.

An Added Benefit

As an A.I. Assisted Artisan Author (A-4), I proudly integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools into my coaching methods. This designation, coined by fellow author Joanna Penn, signifies my commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the writing field. By incorporating ethical AI practices, I offer you an additional edge, ensuring that your creative process is not only inspired but also informed by the latest innovations. This unique blend of traditional coaching techniques and modern AI applications empowers you to explore new horizons in your writing and brings a fresh perspective to your storytelling journey.

Experience Matters

“He is the best writing coach! I could have never ever written a book without his knowledge, kindness, and cool sense of humor!” – Kathy Hagler, K2OHSolutions, author of Art of Scars

Ready to Begin Your Legacy Journey?

  1. A Heart-to-Heart Conversation: Our first session is about adding value to your life and discovering if we resonate with each other.
  2. Tailoring Your Coaching Journey: Once we know we’re a fit, we’ll lay out a roadmap custom-built for you.
  3. First Steps to Forever: We’ll solidify our alliance with a Coaching Agreement, tailored to your dreams and lifestyle.

How Do You Start?

Don’t let your legacy wait another day. Click below to complete a simple, no-obligation questionnaire for your introductory conversation.

Ready to take a greater leap?

Are you ready to transform your writing dreams into reality? Join our Writer’s Breakthrough Intensive. Uncover hidden blocks, ignite your creativity, and craft a personalized game plan for your writing journey. Click here to learn more about this immersive and customizable experience designed to empower aspiring authors like you.

Wondering what some of the typical coaching plans are?

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Do You Have Other Questions?

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He has Your Back

Brad Swift is a thoughtful and genuine coach. He has a gift to help you dig just a little bit deeper into yourself, which makes every writer a better writer. Brad is savvy and thorough in what he does and as an author, he is the person you want to have your back. – Laurel Carini Fox, Author of Paving the Way

Are You Ready to Write Your Legacy?

If your heart is whispering—or maybe even shouting—”Yes!” Then I invite you to take the next bold step. We’re in this together, every heartfelt word of the way.

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