Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life

Does the road to self-discovery really have to be so long and torturous? Not at all!

Cut decades off the process and take a major shortcut on the road to clarifying your true purpose, says Dr. Brad Swift: Just follow the six steps, or “passages” that he outlines – and infuse purpose into every aspect of your life.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Brad Swift appeared successful from the outside, but inside, he was burned out, wracked with emotional pain, and ready to end it all – because he was living at odds with his true purpose. But then he turned his life around to follow his true life calling – and in the process, invented this six-step method to determining one’s life purpose. He has since made a difference in the lives of hundreds of clients who’ve gone on to clarify their own purpose, and in many cases, teach this life-changing work.

Sounds good, but what exactly is in the book?

Good question. In the book, you will find a step-by-step process for clarifying your life purpose and then designing your life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose. It’s called the Life On Purpose Process, and since 1996 literally thousands of people have used it to help bring clarity of purpose to their life.

The Life On Purpose Process is a proven, systematic, spiritually-based and practical approach that has assisted thousands of people to clarify their life purpose and to then design their life as a true and authentic reflection of their purpose. To expand upon this just a bit:

  • Proven – Since its conception in the early 90’s, thousands of people have used the Life On Purpose Process to bring clarity of purpose to their life so we know it works and works well,
  • Systematic – The 6 Passages that make up the Process will guide you step by step – truly a roadmap to your life on purpose,
  • Spiritually Based – The Life On Purpose Process works with and is consistent with universal spiritual principles that are found in all authentic spiritual paths, like the law of attraction, the attractive force of universal Love, the power of gratitude and living a grace-filled life, and
  • Practical, not just theory or esoteric principles, but ideas, distinctions, and tools that you can apply immediately to enhance your experience of daily life.

People of many different religions and denominations have experienced the process and received immense value including those whose definition of spiritual didn’t include a belief in a Higher Power necessarily. In the Life On Purpose Process spiritual is defined as a connection to a deeply held set of values and to a purpose beyond one’s self-interest.

Have you clarified your life’s purpose? Don’t wait until your whole life has slipped by! This book can help you make a profound difference with your life as you travel through the six passages to your life on purpose.