Welcome to an exciting opportunity to become an integral part of my writing journey! As an author, I cherish the connection with my readers, who are the lifeblood of my work. Today, I invite you to join one of two incredible teams, each playing a crucial role in shaping my stories.

The Launch Team:
By joining my Launch Team, you’ll receive Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of my upcoming releases to read and review once they’re published. You’ll be among the first to explore my new worlds and characters, and your feedback will help other readers discover the magic within the pages.

And the Beta Reading Team:
As a member of my Beta Reading Team, you’ll be on the front lines of my creative process, gaining early access to my work and providing invaluable input and suggestions to improve its quality. Your keen eye and thoughtful advice will help me craft stories that truly captivate and inspire. Curious about the Beta Reading Team? Learn more here.

By signing up for either (or both) teams, you’ll become part of an elite group of super-awesome readers. As a VIP member, you’ll not only receive free copies of all my new releases, but you’ll also witness firsthand the impact of your support on the success of my work.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure?

Sign up below to join the Launch Team and in return you’ll receive:

  • Free advanced copies of EACH NEW RELEASE – that includes books, audiobooks, short story collections, fiction, and nonfiction.
  • PLUS, ever so often you’ll receive copies of previously released books that could benefit from a little extra reviewers’ love. After all, books have a much longer lifespan than just their initial launch time, and new reviews can keep attracting new readers.
  • My eternal gratitude. Really! Now that I’ve expanded this to the Beta Readers & Launch Team, I know more than ever how much of a difference these team members make. You will have a special place in my heart, so thank you in advance.

There’s just one main condition: as a team member, you’ll be asked to leave a review of the books you receive within a designated time frame (usually 2 to 4 weeks) after getting your copies. I hope that’s a reasonable request!

To join the Launch Team or Beta Reading Team, simply sign up below and let’s dive into the wonderful world of reading and reviewing!

Sign up below to join the Launch Team, and let’s get to reading and reviewing.


Thanks for all your support!