Pretty scruffy character, right? Wouldn’t necessarily want to send your daughter out on a date with him, right? If you saw him walking down the street late at night, you might be inclined to cross over to the other side, right?

Well, he’s really nicer than he looks…most of the time. It’s just that he has a bit of a weird personality. He’s moody and often those moods shade on the dark side as does his speculative fiction work.

Oh, you say he looks familiar? A bit like that other author, W. Bradford Swift. Okay, you caught me. Orrin Jason Bradford is my pen name and alter ego.

I created the name and the persona a few years ago when it became obvious that some of my writing was far from PG while other material was intended for middle-grade kids and young adults. So, O. J. Bradford was born as my way to keep these two writing styles distinct. In the process, I’ve realized that OJB is a darker, more mysterious side of myself. The part that my wife sometimes looks at askance and with her own troubled expression.

Want to know more about O. J. B.? You can learn more by reading the books that make up the Orrin Jason Bradford line of speculative fiction.