I love talking to people about things that we’re both passionate about, and that is especially true about books of speculative fiction, i.e. science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, magical realism, and yes, for sure, visionary fiction.

And one fantastic way to discuss books with other people is through book clubs so I’m now available to visit your book club virtually either through Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or in other ways (even the good ol’ fashion phone conferencing).

This could be me visiting virtually your live, face-to-face book club (or online club) to discuss one of my books you’ve read, or simply an “Ask the Author” sort of meeting.

Simply complete the form below to start the process. I look forward to hearing from you.

Where to Find my Books for Your Book Club

Well, of course, Amazon is one place. Start with my Author’s Page Here.

The other great place is at my Porpoise Publishing Bookstore where you can purchase ebooks directly from me. If you let me know you’re interested in purchasing at least four books for your book club, I’ll send you a special discount code you can share with your members.

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