A Blog for Readers & Writers Alike Really? Yes, and here's why. As an indie author, I realize readers are the lifeblood of what I do. Recently, I also discovered how much I enjoy connecting with people who enjoy reading, especially when they enjoy reading my books. And while not all readers are also writers many are, so this blog is for both avid readers and writers (and even readers who aspire to become [...]

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5 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Reading

I didn't discover the joys of reading for fun until the summer before entering the fourth grade. Just think of all the reading time I missed. (Click Here to read how the Universe intervened with the help of my next-door neighbor, Ms. Crabtree.) When it comes to getting kids excited about reading, there are a few tried and true methods that parents can use to help. From making reading time fun to finding the right books [...]

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When a Story Takes On a Life of Its Own

It's happened again. One of my stories has insisted on growing beyond itself or to say it more accurately, it's insisting on growing beyond my original expectation for it. I know this may sound odd to you, especially if you've never attempted to write a story, so let me try to explain, but hold onto your seat as I go a bit woo-woo on you. As an author, I believe I am a channel to a [...]

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A Writer’s Life — Grist for the Mill

For many people, the life of a writer seems like a dream come true. They imagine a life spent in coffee shops, writing the great American novel. While that may be part of a writer's life, it is certainly not the whole story. A writer's life is full of ups and downs, just like any other life. But, what makes a writer's life unique is the way that they use their experiences, both good and bad, [...]

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Embracing A.I. as an Author of Fantasy and Science Fiction

I'm fascinated by A.I. (and since I'm a former veterinarian, let me clarify, I mean the artificial intelligence variety, not the artificial insemination kind.) First, it was MidJourney and now it's QuickWrite. I bit the bullet earlier this week and purchased a lifetime subscription (with a 30-day guarantee to try it out.) Thanks, Skye MacKinnon for posting about it. My first experiment - create a character description. I entered: Nathan Whitehall Oil Rig Boss (Nathan is a [...]

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The Benefits of Reading Fantasy for Young Readers

Fantasy is one of the most widely-read genres of literature, and for good reason. Fantasy offers readers the chance to escape into new and exciting worlds, where anything is possible. For young readers, this can be especially beneficial. Fantasy can help young readers develop their imaginations, increase their empathy, and teach them important life lessons. Fantasy is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and supernatural concepts such as dragons, wizards, magic, and [...]

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Love Songs for the Earth (An Idea Whose Time has Come?)

First, I need to provide a little context and background on why I'm sharing this on my blog, lest you think I've gone over the deep end, ie crazy. I've been deeply engaged for the past few months in an extraordinary online program, the Game Changers Intensive. It was created by the Pachamama Alliance which is the same organization that sponsored my recent trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest. The GCI is all about bringing forth the [...]

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Research and Resources for Saving Our Rainforests

I recently shared this on my Facebook page: "As I've shared before as an author, sometimes the research proves to be one of the most difficult and even emotionally disturbing parts of the job. This is true even when I'm researching a middle-grade book as I'm doing as I work on Rainforest Shaman, book 5 of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series. Take for example this report on the massive destruction taking place in the Ecuadorian rainforests [...]

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