First, I need to provide a little context and background on why I’m sharing this on my blog, lest you think I’ve gone over the deep end, ie crazy.

I’ve been deeply engaged for the past few months in an extraordinary online program, the Game Changers Intensive. It was created by the Pachamama Alliance which is the same organization that sponsored my recent trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest. The GCI is all about bringing forth the vision of the Pachamama Alliance.

A world that works for everyone, an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet—a New Dream for humanity.

So, not infrequently during my morning meditation time. this vision comes to my awareness along with the question of what role might I play in bringing it forth.

A few days ago this idea poured forth over a few hours piece by piece. Since then I’ve reorganized the different components but other than that, what follows is pretty much as it came to me.

Let’s call it Love Songs for Earth (or substitute Gaia, or Pachamama in place of Earth if you prefer.)

Imagine singers and musicians from around the world coming together as they have before, this time to bring awareness to the climate crisis. How? To start, on Earth Day 2023, an announcement is made of a year-long contest that results in hundreds or even thousands of new love songs for Earth. This first phase would raise a global awareness not only of the climate crisis but more importantly of our deep love for our home where everything and everyone that matters live.

Then, on Earth Day 2024, the winners are announced in a gala online music festival reminiscent of previous Live Aid type concerts which would further raise awareness as well as funding. The money could be directed to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. Perhaps this event or events could be broadcast to the world through a combination of TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook Live events.

Why Am I Posting This Here?

Here’s why. I know next to nothing about music and even less about the music industry. I can hardly carry a tune although I do love music and realize its power to inspire people into action.

So, I think maybe the Grand Muse of the Universe made a mistake by choosing me as its channel for this idea. Or at least, my main role is to share the idea with as many people as I can until the right person or people appear that could pull this off. And I know, even as I write this that ideas such as these are…well, just ideas. It feels a little like someone approaching me as they have before and saying.

“Look, I have a great idea for a bestselling book. Why don’t we collaborate together? I’ll give you the idea, you write the book, and we’ll split the royalties 50:50.”

And this may be just such a case, but if you’re reading this and you realize you could be the person or one of the people who would love to take this idea and run with it, please have at it. Leave me a comment below. Or perhaps you know someone that would love to take on such a project. Let’s talk. Leave me a comment and I’ll get back with you. In the meantime, I hope by writing this post, the Grand Muse of the Universe will now let me sleep.

A Quick Update (A Day Later)

Well, maybe this is an idea whose time has come or even to re-emerge. I learned from one of my Game Changer Intensive small group participants that there’s already a song out published around 2015 entitled Love Song to the Earth, and it’s amazing, written and performed by some incredible performers. The list includes Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Fergie, Colbie Caillat, Natasha Bedingfield, and several others. There is also a Love Song to the Earth website and nonprofit.

Also, I have one person on board for moving this project forward and a second person who wants to learn more about it. So, a good day, all in all.