Don’t Live Life without It

(A Life On Purpose Special Report)

There are three inter-related aspects of life that, when combined together, can greatly assist you in living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Together, they make up the Spiral of Fulfillment. These three points are:

  • Purposeful, passionate and playful service,
  • Mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, and
  • Spiritual serenity
clarity of purpose

While it’s possible to start on the Spiral of Fulfillment at any of these points, we need to pick some point to start this journey. I recommend choosing the purposeful, passionate, and playful service point, and here’s why:

“Seven in ten individuals without a clearly defined purpose felt unsettled about their lives, while almost seven in ten with a purpose felt satisfied.”

This was the finding as reported in the book, I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy, by Aaron Cooper and Eric Keitel, M.Ed. That’s a pretty dramatic difference, wouldn’t you say?

Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life without It is part of a series of Special Reports written by W. Bradford Swift, co-founder of Life On Purpose Institute, to help you enhance the quality of your life. Read this material in the same manner you would listen to a life coach. Stay open and listen with a ‘beginner’s mind’ approach, while you also read for the powerful nuggets that can contribute to your life.