Zak Bates is pretty normal for a thirteen-year-old. Okay, he does own his own zoo, but other than that, he’s pretty average. But when he’s visited by Ra-Kit, a magic cat with a bad catnip habit on a life or death mission, he is ill-prepared for the assignment she blackmails him to accept – to represent the Animal Kingdom before the United Nations’ Conference on World Pollution.

Together, Zak, Ra-Kit, and Sampson, the flying dog, must persuade the world governments to stop poisoning the planet or face a global rebellion of the animals that could cost millions of lives on both sides and throw the world into irreversible chaos.


W. Bradford Swift’s love for animals and a desire to make a difference led him to becoming a small animal veterinarian as his first career. Along the way he continued to read and study science fiction and fantasy, promising himself that one day he would give back to the many authors who kept him entertained and more or less sane by writing his own speculative fiction.

Swift is best known for his visionary fiction and nonfiction books that “entertain while also enlightening and encouraging the reader to expand their sense of what’s possible, and then applying that expanded awareness to their life.” He is a graduate of Clarion West in Seattle, and lives in the “Paradise Found” of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina with his wife, Ann, their daughter, Amber, and a menagerie of four-legged family members.

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A Few Early Reviews:

Brad Swift’s Dominion Over All is a delight. Both youth and adult readers can relate to young Zak’s rite of passage into an adventurer’s life. This piece is teeming with timely themes such as concern for our global environment and the absolute necessity of valuing each and every form of life. The reader will find this to be a page turner and the ending leaves one waiting for the sequel!
-Caroline Wyrosdick

Young Boy and his dog, a Magic Cat, a Flying Dog and a poisoned world, what more can you ask for. This was a delight to read, kept me turning the pages, and waiting to see how it all would come together. My 8yr old, 13yr old, and even 15yr old, enjoyed the story.

— Steven Schneider
This is a great story. I just kept turning the pages and reading and reading. Its an adventure and I really love the magic cat! A good read for all age groups.
— Georgia Peach