A race against evil . . . and time

— Delivering a simple truth can be the most courageous act —

— Exposing evil rulers is a game of life or death — 

Led to the brink of destruction by its corrupt POTUS, Amberica is bleaker than ever. Who could hope to unseat Oscar Wellian, a fascist who wields the full force of martial law? Plenty are willing to try, but only one entrant has what it takes to give Oscar a run for his ill-gotten gains. Enter Angeline Tarkington . . . the people’s final hope.   

Despite her heart of gold and concrete ideals, it won’t be easy. Is Tarkington’s integrity enough to combat systemic corruption and heal a hemorrhaging nation? An amalgam of corporate interests known as ‘The Triumvirate’ will stop at nothing to silence her, and Tarkington can’t expect victory without sacrifice. 

Tarkington’s ability to transform those around her will be put to the ultimate test, as new allies may mean the difference between victory and defeat, but will they join her? In any case, she’ll need to tread very carefully. Unmasking a monster will be an invitation to an all-out duel with the nation as the prize.

With The Fringe Candidate, Brad Swift offers readers a picture of untold possibility. The Amberica series is visionary fiction from a dreamer’s apex—dark and doubly daring for its optimistic soul. 

Pick up your copy of this visionary novel of transformation today and be inspired. 

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No spoilers, but if you want see the vision of an actual government that represents the true democratic principles espoused by the Constitution it is supposed to follow, and not the mediocrity and imposter it has become over the years, read this book.  Read the entire review by Writers Inspiring Change International Here.

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Yes, that’s on the way! We had a fantastically successful Kickstarter Campaign and the special edition, two-narrator book is scheduled to be available by mid-May.

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Well, actually the party is over, and what a blast it was. You can check it out via the Facebook Live recording.

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