We are all traveling upon a purposeful path that never ends and that began before we arrived on planet earth. Even when we are not aware of why we have come into this life, we are propelled by a purpose, some force that moves us through the situations and experiences of our lives.

“Project Purpose: To write and publish stories and profiles about people and institutions whose lives and missions are dedicated to a bold and inspired purpose or vision.”

As I interviewed dozens of purposeful people, I began to notice some common elements in their lives. Each of them expressed their own life purpose in service to others. In doing so, they tapped their own powerhouse of passion while remaining playfully unattached to where their own purposeful path took them. As their work took them out into the world to help others, they cultivated their own brand of lightness. Despite the obstacles they encountered or the horrors of abuse they saw everyday, they didn’t take themselves too seriously. I began to recognize this as their unique ability to live purposeful, passionate and playful lives of service.


These everyday heroes also appeared to live lives unconstrained by circumstances. They appeared to have a deep knowing that all the resources they needed to express and fulfill their life purpose and their missions were available to them.  They were mindfully aware of the infinitely abundant universe in which we live.  At the same time they led simple, even elegant lives. They often demonstrated how to take the path of least resistance towards the fulfillment of their purpose-based goals.  In other words, they were living simple lives balanced with mindful abundance.

In almost every case, each of these passionately ordinary people brought a quiet and calm peace-of-mind to their commitment to service and simplicity. They exuded a deep trust that they were aligned with a grand plan. They knew that, although they had important work to do, they were not alone in their efforts. A higher power was being expressed through them and they would be supported no matter what hardships they might face. This relationship to spirit allowed them to live with a sense of spiritual serenity.


Profiles On Purpose is a series of books sharing these extraordinary stories that inspired me to co-found Life On Purpose Institute with my wife, Ann, in 1996.