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Everyone Enjoyed the First Two Readups So We’re Doing More of Them! Join Us.

That’s right, our first two Zak Bates Eco-adventure Readups were so much fun for parents and kids alike that we’re hosting additional ones. Truth is, the parents and guardians seem to enjoy the Readups as much as the kids.

That’s also why we’re expanding our invitation list. This one is:

  • Perfect for kids between roughly 8 – 15 and their parents or guardians,
  • Anyone else who enjoys light fantasy with a humorous edge, and
  • Especially if you love animals.

After all, the eco-adventure team is made up of Ra-Kit, the last living magic cat, Sampson, her giant flying dog, and 13-year-old Zak Bates. (And everyone who attends at least one Readup becomes an honorary member of the Eco-team!)

Click Image to download Chapters 1-3

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We meet in the Zoom Room each month for a fun hour as we read 1-2 chapters of Dominion Over All, Book I of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series. With its white-knuckle action and a wholly green, eco-friendly message, this is the perfect way to kick off this new adventure together. Share in the fun, excitement, and magic that only READING can provide!

Here are the details:

Day & Time for Readup #4: Tuesday, from 7-8 PM EDT (4-5 PM PAC) Next month’s Readup will be on Tuesday.

Date for Readup #4:  November 17, 2020

Do I Need the Book?: Well, no, you don’t. One of the reasons the Eco-adventure Team invited me, the author, was so I could bring a copy along to read online. In fact, we’re fortunate to have a professional audiobook narrator, Ben Fife, who will read sections of the book with all his marvelous voices.

However, if you’d like your own copy, here are a few options:

  1. If you’re feeling generous, you can pick up one or all three books of the series in ebook format (PDF, epub, mobi) direct from my online bookstore here:

Buy Direct from Author

2. Order the book(s) from Amazon as a Kindle or quality paperback by Clicking Here

3. Or better yet, allow me to provide you with a free copy of Dominion Over All as an ebook AND audiobook. Just complete the sign-up form to the left of this page.

4. Bulk Orders for Organizations: If you are part of an organization such as a Big Brothers/Big Sisters, library, or school and would like to place a bulk purchase order of ten paperback books at a special 35% discounted rate, Click Here.

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What if I Missed the First Readups?

Don’t worry, we start each Readup with a recap of the chapters we’ve read in the previous sessions. We are currently halfway through chapter six of the book so if you decide to start reading or listening to the book, please don’t go beyond chapter 5. You can also catch up with one or both of these videos:

Who is W. Bradford Swift Anyway? I’m the author of 27 books of science fiction, fantasy, and visionary fiction including the three books of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series. You can learn more boring stuff about me on my bio page here.

Where We Will Meet: In the Zoom Room (virtually and online). Upon registering, you will be provided with information on how to join.

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Special Treats for These Next Readups

Each Readup will also be a Coloring Book Page Day: Start by downloading one or mods coloring pages below, then print them out.


Flying off on another adventure
Hang On Zak and Ra-Kit





New pages are here ready for download and coloring, compliments of Elanor Fife, audiobook narrator’s daughter:

The Spiritual Frontier
Ra-Kit Coloring Page

Then, get to coloring it in prep for the Readup Show and Tell time. Yes, this is for kids, parents, and kids at heart. Everyone can join in! Coloring pages like this can be very relaxing and reduces stress. Who couldn’t benefit from a little less stress these days?

These Are Also Invite Your Friends Days: You know you’ve got friends that could use a break from the hectic, crazy world we’re all living in. So invite them to join you. After all, it’s on Zoom so everyone can attend that wants to.

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Ready to Start a New Adventure in Reading?

If this sounds like a fun, engaging way to spend quality time with your kids this summer, then complete the brief application below, and you’ll hear from me in no time. Combining technology’s modern marvels with storytelling—the oldest artform—together we will soon ensure your child has a passion for reading. This will also be a fun time for ‘kids young at heart’ and animal lovers of all ages.

If you can’t make this one (or you find registration is closed), and you’d like to know of future Readups, Click Here.

Or sign up to my newsletter to be kept up to date on what goes on in the madcap mind of an indie author by entering your name in the left sidebar. (You’ll also receive a free copy of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure, prequel, Ra-Kit’s Initiation.) 

If you are associated with a book club or library and would be interested in arranging for an Author’s Virtual Visit, Click Here(Your event could be for young readers or adults.)

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