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Are Our Children Becoming a Different Species?

What Role Will Genetic Engineering Play?

In Seeds of a New Birth, book one of the Kindred Series, research geneticist, Lionel Adams and his old college roommate, Flip MacDougal combined to create a scientific breakthrough in the customary fashion of such breakthroughs — by accident. From that accident, arose the Kindred:seven girls from Flip’s overly active social life, and twins, Alp and Mel, a product of a clandestine seduction by Flip’s spiritual guide, Madame Sarrah.

It soon becomes evident from the studies being conducted on them at the genetic engineering research lab, Bio Vita Tech, that these are unique children with incredible survival skills and special abilities beyond anything previously seen in our species. But no one enjoys being treated as a research specimen, particularly not the children of the Kindred.

Mel and Alp develop a plan to rescue their sisters from Bio Vita Tech; a plan that goes horrendously wrong. But the twins are, if nothing else, innovative when it comes to their survival skills. Unfortunately, the Kindred find themselves in a world run by greed and a hunger for power — a world ill-prepared to welcome a new species of human being.

Grab your copy of this sci-fi genetic engineering thriller today.

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