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While others gamble for their lives, Jason Jouval is gambling his away…

In a far-future dystopian world where the chips are heavy and the House always wins, citizens of the Mid-Eastern Cone roll the dice for their very lives. Honing his skills in order to extend his lackluster life, Jason hits big and becomes famous overnight as the longest living man in history. But what does a man with no passion for life do with all of that time? What is the point of the chips when they neither have value nor meaning? For one wayward, lost soul, the gambling floor becomes a stage on which his altered state of being plays out for the world to see.

Under the watchful eyes of the shadowy soldiers of the Patriarchy government, Jason retraces the missteps of a man who’s quite unsure if he’s ready to fold. Can a man ever truly win when the cards are stacked against him? Is there any way to escape from the glittering lights of the gambling floor? With a hot hand and an eye for Lady Luck, Jason Jouval doubles down on the bet of a lifetime.

Orrin Jason Bradford’s stories have been compared to the early works of Michael Crichton and Dean Koontz. Pick up your copy of this Sci-Fi thriller soon and enter a world where nothing is as it seems.

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