I’ve recently created a new writing game that goes like this:

To write 100 or more blog posts in a timely fashion while writing as well as I can as a way to express myself as a visionary author while also sharing my books novels and stories with the world.

Let me be honest. This is my experiment in creating marketing and promotion as an expression of my true self. Each post will focus on visionary fiction and possibly visionary nonfiction. Those will be the overarching themes as I continue my evolution as a visionary author. (I’ll also explore in depth what it means to write visionary fiction and nonfiction.)

This is the first blog post of the 100+ that are to follow. I want to first share what led to this blog game. Recently, I have felt stuck in my writing. It was not so much just “writer’s block” as an overall malaise that had me not writing are doing much of anything, at least not effectively. Eventually, this condition became unacceptable to me at which point a serendipitous event happened on of all places, Facebook.  That’s right, that often maligned social media site that many of us love to hate.

 It was on Facebook where I learned about the Landmark Education seminar that was about to take place in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturdays. Now, my wife and I had been active participants and leaders in the Landmark Education organization for over 10 years, but that had been over 20 years ago.  (In fact, Ann and I met at a Landmark event.) When I first saw the announcement of the upcoming seminar, I was simply curious to find out how the organization had evolved over the past two decades so I decided to travel to Greensboro to attend the first session as a graduate guest. However, by the end of that first session, I had volunteered to be a group leader which also meant I had to register into the full seminar series. This meant I would be traveling three hours each way for the other nine sessions! What? Yep.

However, I knew from my previous experience with Landmark Education that I had put myself in a structure that would lead to breakthroughs in my life including in my writing career. This has already occurred (and after only three sessions as of this writing). For example, not long after that first session, I attended a Special Evening about the Forum ( the Forum is Landmark’s foundational program) in Charlotte, a mere two hours away. During the evening I met Sharon (not her real name), a guest from Jamestown (not the real town) attending the event. I shared with Sharon how I had been introduced to science fiction and fantasy as a fourth grader by my next-door neighbor, Mrs. Crabtree, who just happened to be the children’s librarian at the Raleigh library. I also shared with Sharon that even back then I had the thought, “wouldn’t it be great to one day, someday be able to give back in a pay-it-forward sort of way to all those great authors who had kept me entertained while introducing me to a world of possibility and also keeping me more or less out of trouble.” As I shared this with Sharon I realized that I had lost that spark, that vision that had prompted me to start writing speculative fiction novels years ago. So, at that moment I reclaimed it!

By the way, the seminar series has been amazing in part because I get to experience four seminars every session:

1. One seminar on the 3-hour drive to Greensboro during which I often call old friends from the area to become reacquainted,

2 A second seminar on Friday evening as I spend the night with dear old friends that I’d been out of touch with since moving to the mountains of North Carolina,

3. The actual Landmark Education sponsored seminar session which has been awesome, and

4. The seminar on the return trip as I debrief the other three seminars.

But this is just the beginning of my story on how the Hundred Blog Post Game was created. In my next blog post I will share how journaling has played a big role in continuing this breakthrough in my writing, especially a book I found on Hoopla entitled Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner. I’ll also share how I borrowed the structure for the Blog Post Game from my own book, From Spark to Flame: Fanning Your Passion and Ideas into Money-making Magazine Articles that Sell. Stay tuned.

P.S. It is my intention that these blog posts be one form of visionary writing as well. In other words, that they be entertaining, inspirational, insight-generating, and even instructional in nature which is why I’ll be including links to various resources that I have found valuable. If you read about a resource that you’d like to learn more about that’s not linked, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll see what I can do to track it down. Thanks.