Writing: Transformation Tool

Energize Your Writing with a Purposeful Writing Project

Several years ago I found my enjoyment of writing for magazines had faded. At that time, most of my writing revolved around my previous career as a small animal veterinarian, but writing about animal health issues had become boring and routine. Fortunately, I stumbled upon an idea that revitalized my love for writing. I invented a writing project, but not just any project. One of my favorite vet-related assignments had been to interview Bill Irwin and [...]

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100+ BLOG POSTS GAME (PART 2) – A Breakthrough in Progress

As I begin part two on how the100+ Blog Post Game came about, I know that I am in the midst of a breakthrough, a breakthrough in my self-expression as a visionary author. The term, breakthrough, is both a common term in today's vernacular as well as being a Landmark Education distinction. In Landmark terms, a "breakthrough is often thought of as a one-time event—a quantum leap that moves us 'outside the box.'" From the Landmark [...]

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The Writer Within

Today's blog post is taken from the rough draft of the book I'm working on with the working title of Writing: Tool for Transformation. I've decided to publish it here just as it was written. It seems to flow a little better that way. This book is for writers…but if you’re now saying, “Oh, no, I made a mistake in picking up this book. I’m not a writer,” please keep reading. Let me make myself a [...]

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Laying the Groundwork

Perhaps the best way to start this exploration about the power of writing to transform one's life, is with a brief story about how I first discovered this amazing power. Like most people, I was not born with a pen in my hand or even the notion in my head, that one day hooking words together into sentences, would be such an important part of my life. In fact, English was far from one of my [...]

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Revamping Blog for 2015

As Ann and I completed 2014, I realized that oftentimes I felt at odds with my work with Life On Purpose Institute and my writing. It was like these two careers, both of which are expressions of my true life purpose, seemed too often to be competing for my time and energy. So, I decided this year I'd bring the two closer together. As I continued to ponder upon this insight, I realized that, in fact, [...]

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