The Writer Within

The Writer Within

Today’s blog post is taken from the rough draft of the book I’m working on with the working title of Writing: Tool for Transformation. I’ve decided to publish it here just as it was written. It seems to flow a little better that way.

This book is for writers…but if you’re now saying, “Oh, no, I made a mistake in picking up this book. I’m not a writer,” please keep reading. Let me make myself a little clearer. This Writerbook is for the writer within and it’s especially for you if you’ve never considered yourself to be a writer.

Let me ask you. Do you know how to write? I don’t mean do you know how to write well, or how to write the next great novel or work of nonfiction. I mean it literally. Do you know how to connect words into sentences? Maybe, you’re even able to connect some of those sentences into paragraphs. If you’re able to do this, then this book is for you. (If you’re not able to do that, please come back to this book when you’ve advanced your education just a little further and are able to accomplish this very basic level of writing ability.)

Now, be clear I’m not saying this simply because I’m trying to create a large niche of readers for this book, though in truth, that would be cool too. No, I’m saying that because I’ve realized through the years that there are a lot of people out there who simply do not consider themselves to be writers. In fact, I’m married to one of them so I have some pretty direct experience with such people.  I’ve also coached a fair number of people who started out thinking they weren’t writers even though they passed my basic test and were able to connect words into sentences.

The Writer Within

Let me elaborate on this idea just a bit further. It’s my view and the operating premise of this book that we are all creative. Built into the human being model is a creative spark. It comes with each and every model. Granted, in many of us it’s been squelched or blocked. Others may deny having it simply because it’s grown weak from lack of use. Still, it’s there in everyone of us.

I bring this up because I also believe that writing is one way to exercise that creative nature. In fact, it’s a wonderful way to express our creative self.

So, this book is about helping you to tap into this creative aspect of yourself — to get to know the writer within. Not only to become acquainted with the writer within, but to become good friends — to develop this aspect of yourself in a way that will greatly enhance your life.

Reasons for Writing

There are a number of reasons you might want to develop this natural creative self that I’m identifying as the writer within. Here are a few to consider:

It’s Fun: That’s right. Writing can be a fun and entertaining pastime. Now, I know for those of you who are currently in the “I’m not a writer” camp, this may sound strange. It’s likely that somewhere along the way in your educational life you probably had some well meaning teacher who left you with the impression that writing was hard. Perhaps the teacher was a frustrated writer themselves. In any case, I invite you to consider that writing can be fun and an entertaining way to pass the time.

Writing is a Great Way to Learn About Yourself: This will be emphasized throughout the book that there are many different forms of writing that can be used for your personal development, to assist you along your spiritual path, and to aid you in your own transformation. In fact, this might be the most important reason to develop your writer within.

Writing as an Art Form: Writing is a great way to develop your artistic self as well. While I believe it’s easy to be a writer, there are many different levels of writing, and if you’re so inclined, you can have great pleasure in the challenge of developing this art form.

Writing Can also be Profitable: I saved this for last because I don’t believe it’s the most important reason to take on writing as a regular part of your life. Writing to be published and to make money from it can, in fact, be a significant block for many people. There’s this strange mindset in the world that if you’re not published and making money from your writing, then you’re not really a writer. This doesn’t seem to be the case with other forms of art. You can paint, sculpt, carve, draw…you name it, without making money from it without anyone thinking you’re not an artist.

So, don’t get hung up on this one. If you feel called to take on your writing with the intention to be published and to make money from it — great. You’ll probably find that “passion money” to be a very rewarding experience, but please also know that you can benefit greatly from developing your writer within without ever making a penny from it.

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