Charm House – My Homage to The Twilight Zone

Charm House – My Homage to The Twilight Zone

I grew up watching The Twilight Zone on television and reading many of Ray Bradbury’s books that were often a compilation of interconnected short stories. So, I guess it’s not that big of a surprise that as an adult I might want to write stories inspired by that amazing show and those books.

Thus, Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat was born, first as an anthology of “suspenseful tales with a twist” and soon to be released as an audiobook with the marvelous Meg Price narrating.

But who wants to wait for the full audiobook? Well, I’m hoping many of you reading this will grab it up when it’s available but in the meantime how about a Charm Housesample in the form of the story, Charm House?

First, a little background. Several years ago while traveling around the small towns of North Carolina I passed the original Charm House. This was back in the days before a camera that masquerades as a phone, so I simply noted the beauty of the house and its unique name. Fast forward to a couple years ago when I decided to write a book that would be a homage to Ray Bradbury and The Twilight Zone.

The memory of Charm House returned along with one of the homes of my neighbors that reminds me of the original Charm House which has its own unique history, having previously been owned by Robert E. Lee’s aunt.

The Twilight Zone PillarsIn my mind, the images of these two houses merged into one and became the setting for the story. My neighbor’s home is at the top of the hill at one end of Robert E. Lee Road and at the entrance to this narrow road are two large stone pillars, which also makes a cameo appearance in my story.

So, now you know the bits and pieces that inspired this story, and in the process, I’ve provided you with some hard to ignore hints as to where exactly is Foster Flat. It’s all around me as well as within me. Perhaps one day when I’ve become a rich and famous author (and probably well after I’ve passed on to whatever is next), fans of my stories will flock to this region with a copy of Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat in hand trying to figure out which building, street, or landmark was the inspiration of this story or that story. And in truth, if that does ever happen, they won’t be disappointed. The clues are everywhere.

So, let’s get on with Charm House, which is below as available below as audio.


Or download your free copy in either PDF, epub, or Kindle mobi HERE.

You can also pick up a copy of Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat on Amazon Here.

Or from other online stores HERE.

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