Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat (Volume 2)

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Welcome back to Foster Flat…and the mind of a modern maven

Despite its disturbing obscurities, few can resist the pull of Foster Flat. It’s a small mountain town steeped in mystery, and, spoken aloud or scarcely whispered, everyone there has a curious tale of reckoning with madness.

Returning as a raconteur, ‘Roving Reporter’ Mimi Rawlins delivers a fresh assortment of these strange stories—some to warm the cockles, some to chill the spine, some both.

Past visitors will recognize old friends amongst the new faces, and everyone who enters will find it equally hard to escape…

In this follow-up to Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, O.J. Bradford fashions another stunning synthesis of philosophy, horror, and fun. Building upon the likes of Ray Bradbury and ‘The Twilight Zone’ series, this short-story suite will be sure to tickle, tingle, and absorb.




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Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat Volume Two is now available in audiobook format.

Check out a sample, the short story, Charm House, Here.



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