I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy, going all the way back to the fourth grade. That’s, oh my gosh, some sixty years ago! Two of my favorites were the interconnected stories of Ray Bradbury’s books like Fahrenheit 451, and The Martian Chronicles, and the original The Twilight Zone. So, I guess it’s not all that surprising that I would want to pay homage to these incredible masters of storytelling with my own series of stories with a twist: Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, books one and two. You might wonder, where did the ideas for these bizarre stories arise? Well, in large part from the magical and mysterious area in which I live: the mountains of North Carolina.

What Inspired these Stories? My Home for the Last Quarter Century

My wife and I moved to the mountains of North Carolina about twenty-five years ago after a year-long search. It was a few years after I’d sold my veterinary practice when I realized I could now live virtually anywhere I wanted to live.

Thus began a fun search for exactly where that might be. We finally chose a small village a few miles outside of Hendersonville, NC.

For us, it’s “Paradise Found”. It was a perfect location for us to raise our daughter, and to create our own version of a life on purpose. It didn’t take me long before I realized it was also a perfect location to inspire my Muse and me to create stories in the vein of Bradbury and The Twilight Zone.

There are stories like The Gazebo and Bearfooting that are based on actual occurrences of this region. Other stories, like Goldcraft, and The Apothecary come from settings you’ll find in the area. Then there are other stories that are a compilation of ideas from the mountain region itself, all relayed by the roving reporter, Mimi Rawlins.

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Need a Little More to Entice You?

Here’s a little more about Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, book 1:

Tucked away in a quiet corner of North Carolina lies the township of Foster Flat. By every appearance, it’s an ordinary place to lead one’s life, and the humble environs strike most as boring—quite a prodigious misjudgment.

The population shares a mutual disapproval of new guests, and the reason for this will soon become clear, thanks to Mimi Rawlins, one resident who’s willing to indulge outsiders. For the whole of its history, Foster Flat has been home to staggering secrets and freakish phenomena. Are these ‘events’ the stuff of folklore? Overactive minds? Or more? You’re free to draw your own conclusions…should you dare to enter.

And in book #2:

Welcome back to Foster Flat…

Despite its disturbing obscurities, few can resist the pull of Foster Flat. It’s a small mountain town steeped in mystery, and, spoken aloud or scarcely whispered, everyone there has a curious tale of reckoning with madness.

Returning as raconteur, ‘Roving Reporter’ Mimi Rawlins delivers a fresh assortment of these strange stories—some to warm the cockles, some to chill the spine, some both.

Past visitors will recognize old friends amongst the new faces, and everyone who enters will find it equally hard to escape…

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