NOTE: If you’ve already read this post previously, scroll down for an update on the FreeForm project.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to write about my upcoming relaunch project even though it is a massive undertaking that involves six of my previously published books and a new story that’s a prequel to the whole series. But, I told myself, these books aren’t really visionary fiction, and that’s the focus of my 100+ Blog Post Game. “Wait just a minute,” my muse countered. “They sure as hell are (my Muse is seldom politically correct or even polite at times.) So I decided to look at the series to see if my muse was right. Damn! She was. This series is most definitely visionary fiction. Let’s review my definition of visionary fiction to see how well the series tracks.

“First and foremost, Visionary Fiction entertains readers while also inspiring, enlightening and encouraging readers to expand their awareness of greater possibilities, not just while they are reading but also after they close the book and return to their ‘real life.’”

So a little background first. The new series titles are:

  • FreeForm: Beginnings
  • FreeForm: Reborn
  • FreeForm: Resumed
  • FreeForm: New Birth
  • FreeForm: New Power
  • FreeForm: New Earth


And then there’s FreeForm: Crash, the long-awaited prequel to the series. (Well, I’ve been waiting a long time for my Muse to help me write it.) You can download a free copy of Crash right over there to your right ===>. (If you are already on my mailing list or simply don’t want to receive updates from me, for a limited time you can still download a free copy of Crash on Amazon.)

As you can see we’ve got all new covers that I believe better represents the science fiction genre and definitely shows that they are part of a series. Yes, having new covers created is an expensive process, but I really love the stories and the characters in them. I want to give them the best chance possible to be read by thousands of science fiction fans.

What Makes the FreeForm Series Visionary Fiction

I have felt all along that these stories are entertaining enough. In fact, I think they’re some of the most entertaining stories I’ve written. They are filled with plenty of action, twist and turns, and intrigue. However, I wasn’t all that aware of them being inspiring, enlightening and encouraging readers to expand their awareness of greater possibilities until, with a little prodding from my muse, I looked closer. OMG! How could I have been so blind? Here is what I wrote in my journal the morning I made this discovery.

I don’t view the freeform series as particularly visionary, but maybe I’m missing something buried under the story and the entertainment value. I mean, look at TJ/Todd. How’s that for a misunderstood, confused, not accepted for who he is teenager? And Pat’s plight – loving his “father” but not able to love TJ because of her past dealings with his “other father.” And while we’re talking about not being accepted, how about Alp, Mel, and the rest of the Kindred (whose stories are chronicled in the last three books)? It’s not their fault how they were born or their differences. That was Lionel Adams messing around where he shouldn’t be messing. So, not visionary? No lesson, no insights into the nature of human beings. I beg to differ.

When is the Relaunch? An Update

Originally I wrote:

Good question. Excellent question, in fact. The most accurate answer I can give at the moment is, “Sometime in March 2019.” Like I said in this post’s title, this has been a massive undertaking.

Well, I missed the mark, but I won’t miss the next one which is May 6th (except for my Amazingly Awesome Readers who are subscribed to my newsletter . You can join them by downloading a free copy of Crash right over there to your right ===>.)

Check out my updated project board now broken down to “To Do,” “Mostly Completed,” and my favorite column, “Completed.” (Rafiki had the day off).