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We’re All About Inspiring Kids to Become Joyful Lifelong Readers

Hi, my name is Brad Swift, and I write fantasy and science fiction. Much of my time is spent these days writing visionary fiction for children and young adults to inspire them to become joyful lifelong readers by introducing them to the pure pleasure of reading. Books like the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series and Spacehoppers. I believe reading for pleasure stretches the imagination of young readers in ways that TV, movies, or video games do not. I also love to encourage young people to write their own stories, knowing that some of them will grow into the world’s future authors as I did.

In the summer of 2021, a combination of the COVID epidemic and my personal desire to connect with young readers and parents in a more personal way led my audiobook narrator, Ben Fife, and me to create the Zak Bates Eco-adventure Readup series as live, interactive Zoom-based hours to connect with kids and their parents or guardians. They’ve been so much fun that we now are inviting other children and young adult authors of fantasy and science fiction to join us in our Guest Author Readup Series.

And We’d Like You to Join Us Too

Guest Author Readups are a fun and free way to introduce your family to some of the most creative and inspiring people in the world–children & YA authors who write fantasy and science fiction. And all from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

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Here is a Short Readup Sampler


Our Next Guest Author Readup

Teresa Arispe, the author of Thunder Girl

Why Do you write? began writing because I wanted to tell the kind of stories I would enjoy reading. I started off writing fanfiction, and then began getting ideas for original fiction. I started my first novel for National Novel Writing Month back in college, and from there, novel writing became an addiction. I don’t try to challenge myself to write a novel in a month anymore, though.

What Inspired You to Write Thunder Girl? Thunder Girl was inspired by the mental image of a girl and a robot sitting on a train in the Victorian era, headed West. The image was so strong that I knew I wanted to turn it into a story. Of course I had to figure out what kind of an alternate history the girl lived in that had intelligent clockwork robots, and why they were going West. I am also a hopeless paleontology maniac and really wanted to incorporate fossils somehow. From there, the plot started to come together.

Tell me about one of the characters I found most interesting – Hermes. A fun fact about me is that I based the character of Hermes very much on myself. I am also that manic about paleontology.

Some of the themes explored in the book are the value of friendship, the power of kindness and compassion, and the importance of understanding those who are different.

If you love the Frontier Magic series, you will enjoy Thunder Girl.

April 17 , from 12 noon to 1 PM ET  

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Coming Soon!

Tricia Copeland, the author of Kingdom of Embers

Bronwyn Leroux, the author of Dawn of Dreams

And others. Watch this space.

If you are an author of children or young adult fantasy/science fiction and would like to be one of our guest authors in 2021, complete the information form here.

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