Got Purpose?

Got Purpose?

I’ve started a new series that is cataloged under “The Writer’s Life” that explores some of the qualities and attributes I believe are important to becoming a visionary writer (and overall effective human being).
And, of course, being one of the founders of Life On Purpose Institute, Inc. I feel called to explore this one early on:
Now, I’ve gone into quite a bit of detail about the role of purpose in a writer’s life in my Manifesto for Visionary Writers (which you can read right here on the blog under that category) so this is really just to reiterate why having a clear sense of purpose is so important to writers.  Purpose gives us a sense of direction for our writing that often goes beyond just writing what will sell.
It also allows you to tap into a wellspring of passion that can propel you forward especially when that purpose and passion is focused by a purposeful writing project. Infusing your writing career with purpose can literally inspire you out of bed in the morning because you know at least some portion of your day you will have the opportunity to express who you really are and why you’re here on planet Earth.
Key points to remember about purpose:

  • Your life purpose is more about who you are then what you do. It becomes the context for your life that then has the power to shape all that you do.
  • Purpose is the key that leads to tapping into the wellspring of passion that then fuels your inspired actions.
  • Purposeful writing makes a difference with the reader as well as being entertaining.

If you’re ready to bring more clarity of purpose to your life, check out my book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, available in three different editions on Amazon.

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