And the Research Fun Continues with Cat Island

And the Research Fun Continues with Cat Island

Shortly after discovering that my “clan of cats” that will appear in my upcoming novel, Junkyard Dogs, reside in the abandoned Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Kennedy Island, I shared this research with my wife, Ann, who’s always ready to share her own ideas, many of which appear in my stories as well.

As I finished sharing my research with her, she added, “And the cats that now live on Kennedy Island migrated from the Island of Cats in Japan.” I smiled and replied something glibly like, “Sure thing,” or “Maybe. We’ll see.”

But later, I began to wonder where would a clowder (yep more research revealed this little nugget that a group of cats is called a clowder) of a hundred or more cats come from, so I did a quick Google search for “Island of Cats in Japan,” and found my next background info to fold into my story. Check out this link:

Isn’t life grand? What’s your favorite nugget of gold you gleaned from research you’ve conducted while writing a story that added flavor to the finished piece?

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