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For Indie Authors: Connecting MailerLite Forms to Your Optimize Press Landing Pages

I realize that most people who find their way to this blog are readers, but I suspect an occasional indie author finds their way here as well. So, this little tip is for you. Who knows, I may be starting a series of tips in the spirit of collaboration. So, the question asked on Nick Stephenson's First 10K Readers Facebook page was whether or not one could use MailerLite's email service with Optimize Press landing pages. [...]

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Debriefing the FreeForm Series Relaunch

The purpose of this blog post is to debrief the relaunch of the FreeForm science fiction thriller series. Let me start with a little background. This project began several months ago during which time I did a lot of prep work including: All new covers for all six books, (Designed by Victor Habbick. Thanks Victor.) New blurbs/book descriptions (written by Maxwell, aka dogpillow. Awesome job Max) A new prequel story entitled Freeform: Crash, Additional editing, and [...]

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The Big R Game

This is an excerpt from my book, From Spark to Flame: Fanning Your Passion & Ideas into Money-making Magazine Articles that Make a Difference. (Just click the link to pick up your own copy.) If you follow the systematic approach we’ve outlined thus far, it’s just a matter of perseverance and time before you’ll receive a positive response to one of your queries. Of course, along the way, you’ll receive a significant number of rejection letters, [...]

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100+ Blog Posts Game (Part 1) – A New Game to Play

I've recently created a new writing game that goes like this: To write 100 or more blog posts in a timely fashion while writing as well as I can as a way to express myself as a visionary author while also sharing my books novels and stories with the world. Let me be honest. This is my experiment in creating marketing and promotion as an expression of my true self. Each post will focus on visionary [...]

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Babble Preview Chapters

 Start Here My audiobook narrator, Meg Price and I have recently submitted the audio files to ACX for their approval, the final step before Babble is released to the world in audiobook form. But you don't have to wait to join the adventures of Bobbie Cagle and his mother, Angela. Let's start with a few Babble preview chapters. Here's Chapter One:   Chapter Two is Here Chapter Three is Here While You're Here, Why Not Register for the #BabbleAudiobook [...]

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Enter to Win a Fire 7 Tablet by Helping Us Pick the Best Audiobook Sample

My audiobook narrator, Meg Price and I are getting closer each day to launching the audiobook edition of Babble into the world. Wooho!  But we could use your help in selecting the audio sample that you feel best captures the essence of the story and would help perspective readers decide to pick up a copy. In case you haven't yet read the book, (or you've read so many books lately you can't quite remember what Babble is about), here's a [...]

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How to Find Your Perfect Narrator through ACX

I was recently asked by some of my fellow authors on the Writing Accountability Facebook Group how I used ACX to find Meg Price who is narrating my book, Babble, so I thought I'd share the process here as well. (and yes, Meg is a perfect narrator for me and for Babble as you will learn as I share more about the process here on my blog.  )  It starts by signing into ACX using your Amazon Account. Once in, [...]

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Lessons Learned from My First Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Recently, Instafreebie offered authors the opportunity to be part of a pilot program on how to conduct a successful crowdfunding project. I applied along with some 70 other authors. I was shocked and pleased to learn that I was one of ten authors selected for the program. (Happy Dance!) The next two months was an exciting time in which I learned a lot and, as it turned out, earned a bit as well. Here are some [...]

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Using Visual Character Boards in my Prewriting

From Pantser to Hybrid Plotter Over the past twenty-five plus years as a writer of visionary fiction (stories that entertain and also inspire), I've moved from being a pantser (writing by the seat of my pants) to a hybrid plotter. Nowadays one of the most enjoyable parts of the writing process is planning what it is I want to write; ie, the plotting part. Then, once I feel confident I have a story worth telling and one [...]

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My Top Tools & Resources for Writers for 2016

2015 was an exciting year for being an indie authorpreneur. I made great strides, had a lot of fun, and had more than my share of successes. But just like it takes a village to raise a child, success as an indie author takes more than one person. It also takes the help of other people and resources like the ones listed below. I'm not going to list the obvious ones like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or [...]

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