Life Lessons as a Visionary Writer

Why I Write Under Two Names (Despite the Headaches it Causes)

My daughter's eleventh birthday was right around the corner and I needed to come up with a present. Being someone who grew up loving to read and having instilled the same habit in Amber, I decided to give her a book. Really a no-brainer, right? I even knew that she enjoyed books by Judy Blume so I picked up one at the local bookstore. It was a winner! Amber loved it so much that she then [...]

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And the Research Fun Continues with Cat Island

Shortly after discovering that my “clan of cats” that will appear in my upcoming novel, Junkyard Dogs, reside in the abandoned Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Kennedy Island, I shared this research with my wife, Ann, who’s always ready to share her own ideas, many of which appear in my stories as well. As I finished sharing my research with her, she added, “And the cats that now live on Kennedy Island migrated from the Island of [...]

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My Favorite Question to Ask Readers (Part 1)

This past year, two life-changing events came together in one of those perfect storm scenarios that unfortunately don’t seem to happen enough in my life as a writer. Both would be what most people would consider ‘bad things.' Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic ranks right up there with bad things in my life, though fortunately so far I’ve not lost any friends or family members to it. The second ‘bad thing’ was a growing level of frustration [...]

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When Inconsequential Moments Become Pivotal (Part Two)

Did you miss part one of this article? Then go here. Let’s fast forward a few years from that summer in 1960 when my next-door-neighbor librarian, Mrs. Crabtree bought me a stack of books that would transform me into a joyful lifelong reader. But before we teleport ourselves forward in time, let me explain what I mean by the term, joyful lifelong reader. In this country and throughout much of the world, it’s inevitable that most [...]

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When Inconsequential Moments Become Pivotal (Part One)

There are moments in our lives that at the time appear inconsequential, just something that happened in the course of our daily life. It may be years or even decades later before we realize how pivotal those moments were in retrospect. For example, my father passed away from a massive heart attack while fishing just two weeks before my seventh birthday. Now, don't worry, I knew at the time that was a major deal, a pivotal [...]

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100+ Blog Posts Game (Part 3)- Purposeful Persistence

Yep, this is part 3 of the 100+ Blog Game. So to start, I acknowledge I've been terrible at blogging. I don't mean the content so much as the regularity, and the 100+ Blog Game has not changed that. This is why I'm writing Part 3. 100+ Blog Posts Game (Part 1) was written on Feb. 11, 2019. 100+ Blog Posts Game (Part 2)100+ BLOG POSTS GAME (PART 2) – A Breakthrough in Progress was written [...]

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Don’t Wait to be Inspired to Write

I recently received a nice email from an aspiring writer who complimented me on my work and then asked a few questions. I thought I'd share my responses here in case there are others struggling to find their voice. Thanks for your message. I'm happy to hear my writing has inspired you in some way. I'll do my best to answer your questions briefly in this email and I'd be happy to go more in-depth with [...]

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Sneaking Up On Commitment – A Bit of Visionary Nonfiction

Before turning my attention to writing fiction, I spent a number of years writing for magazines and other nonfiction publications. One of my favorite that I continue to write for on occasions is the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I consider these true stories to be visionary nonfiction in that they also have a similar intention to my visionary fiction - to entertain while also inspiring the reader and providing insights into life. So, I'm [...]

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Reflections On my 70th Birthday & a New Vision: 50.100By80

As you may recall, I celebrated my 70th birthday a couple of Tuesdays ago. It seemed to an appropriate time to reflect not only on where I've been but where I see myself going in the future. The day before my birthday, I completed the rough draft of my 19th fiction novel: Ghost Elephant: Book 3 of the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Series. (By the way, there are still a few spots left if want to join [...]

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100+ BLOG POSTS GAME (PART 2) – A Breakthrough in Progress

As I begin part two on how the100+ Blog Post Game came about, I know that I am in the midst of a breakthrough, a breakthrough in my self-expression as a visionary author. The term, breakthrough, is both a common term in today's vernacular as well as being a Landmark Education distinction. In Landmark terms, a "breakthrough is often thought of as a one-time event—a quantum leap that moves us 'outside the box.'" From the Landmark [...]

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