Track Your Way to a NaNoWriMo Win

Track Your Way to a NaNoWriMo Win

Okay, tonight is Halloween, but for hundreds of thousands of writers across the globe, it’s also NaNoWriMo Eve. That’s right, tomorrow, November 1 kicks off National Novel Writing Month when those hundreds of thousands of writers will start to write their 50,000+ novel from scratch.
I’ll be one of them, and my plan is to also chronicle my progress and what I learn along the way here on my blog.  Today’s entry is short and sweet. I want to offer other writers a simple and effective way to track your progress over these next thirty days.
I have found that tracking my progress actually increases the odds that I’ll reach my target, so may I present you with your free NaNoWriMo Tracker.
Here’s what it looks like:
It’s simple to use. Just fill in each day the following columns:

  • Time Start
  • Time End
  • Words/Day

When you do, you’ll be able to see your total word count, whether you’re on or off target (column +/- Target), and your words per hours. You can also make a note of anything you like on your daily progress.
I’ve gone ahead and entered a few sample figures so you can see how it works as well as setting the target at 75,000 rather than 50,000 in my example, but feel free to set your own target by changing the daily word target. For example, if you want to complete 50,000 words for the month, set the daily target to 1,667.
I hope you find this useful. Feel free to direct your writing friends to this page so they can download their own NaNoWriMo Tracker.  Now go write (including writing a comment below. I always enjoy hearing from other writers as well as readers.)
Download your Tracker excel/spreadsheet file:


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