Resources for Loving Cancer Away

I've recently (as of the end of January 2022) upgraded my #lovecanceraway journey to #beingthehealthiestIcanbe (in body, mind, and spirit) journey and as part of this mindset change, I want to share some of the books and other resources that I have found so very helpful in now taking on being the healthiest I can be in body, mind, and spirit. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with the "Big C," I heartily encourage [...]

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A Road Less Traveled – Part 2 Not Either/Or but Both/And

NOTE: I started writing the following blog posts a several weeks ago, and have now updated it as my health journey continues. Shortly after writing A Road Less Traveled blog post, and no doubt influenced by it, I started to realize that my path isn't strictly alternative or holistic. True, a lot of my current focus is on altering my nutrition program including a number of supplements to enhance the program. Also, IV vitamin C therapy [...]

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A Setback Means Time for a Reset

For anyone following my health journey (ie #lovecanceraway and #cancercyborg), I apologize for the delay in this update from the last PSA test result I received this past Tuesday. First, a little background. My highest PSA to date has been 122. (Normal varies with age but 4 or below is close enough.) On July 8th, it dropped by 37% to 77. This past Tuesday's was 113. And I made that mean a lot. Even though I [...]

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Vitamin C & Cancer (A #LoveCancerAway Report from #CancerCyborg)

One of the primary complementary treatment regimens I’m currently using to#lovecanceraway is high-level dosages of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) administered intravenously currently being given at Great Smokies Medical Center in Asheville under the guidance of Dr. John Wilson. These twice-weekly treatments run approximately $253/treatments plus the occasional blood test to evaluate my vitamin C blood levels which cost about $150/test. Thursday I received my eleventh treatment which has been slowly increased to the current level of [...]

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A Road Less Traveled

M. Scott Peck opened his now famous book, The Road Less Traveled with these lines: "Life is Difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths." Who am I to argue? I'm now on one of those difficult, yes, challenging, parts of life, as I deal with a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer. But what I want to borrow from Mr. Peck is not so much his opening lines as the title of the [...]

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My 10 Step Loving Cancer Away Process

The 10 Step Radical Remission & Total Health Program The following ten steps are based on Radical Remission:  Surviving Cancer Against All Odds and Radical Hope: 10 Key Healing Factors from Exceptional Survivors of Cancer & Other Diseases by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. #1 Exercise: Daily activity including walking, softball, pickleball, possibly yoga/stretching. #2 Spiritual Connection: Meditation, breathwork, reading spiritual material. This is is a short prayer a good friend of mine shared with me from [...]

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How to Contribute to My Medical Crowdfunding Campaign

If you've found yourself at this blog post, you probably already know that I've been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that I'm using a holistic/complementary approach to treating it that I refer to as 'loving my cancer' away. If you want the full story about the health and well-being journey I'm on, I suggest you start by viewing the video and/or reading my GoFundMe page. Also, please know how much I appreciate all the contributions including [...]

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