One of the primary complementary treatment regimens I’m currently using to#lovecanceraway is high-level dosages of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) administered intravenously currently being given at Great Smokies Medical Center in Asheville under the guidance of Dr. John Wilson.

These twice-weekly treatments run approximately $253/treatments plus the occasional blood test to evaluate my vitamin C blood levels which cost about $150/test.

Thursday I received my eleventh treatment which has been slowly increased to the current level of 90 grams delivered through my #cancercyborgsub-clavicle port, my name for it, not theirs. (As a comparison, the typical oral daily dose of vitamin C is in the 250 to 500 mg range.)

A Personal Note: I find these IVC days challenging though Windy and Kendra, the two nurses who administer the treatments at GSMC are quite competent and kind. I end up needing to urinate more frequently which tends to burn more as the vitamin C levels increase. (Maybe a bit of TMI, but I want you to know the full story.) I also find these days emotionally challenging, though I am slowly adapting. I’ve noticed walking from my chair to the bathroom several times over the two-plus hours of treatments dragging along my IV stand makes me feel older than usual. Granted, my normal ‘internal state’ is stuck around a 12-year-old boy, except on these days when I feel much more like a 72-plus-year-old man.

On the other hand, here are some of the positive effects of this treatment on those misbehaving cancer cells:

  • Directly cell destructive (cytotoxic) to cancer cells
  • Stops growth (proliferation) of cancer cells
  • Reduces inflammation that propagates cancer
  • Provides anti-oxidative support
  • Provides pro-oxidative effects that kill cancer cells
  • Stimulates the immune system to fight cancer
  • Blocks lymphatic (lymphagenesis) recruitment to cancer that promotes systemic spread
  • Blocks blood vessel (angiogenesis) recruitment to cancer that promotes systemic spread
  • Blocks metastatic spread of cancer
  • Changes genetic expression (epigenetics) that inhibits cancer
  • Is anti-viral
  • Preserves mitochondrial function

A full report on this approach to treating cancer is available HERE.

NOTE: Please remember I am not providing these reports to try to persuade anyone to follow this path. I am simply sharing my journey by pointing out that there is such a path, or as I have described it, a Road Less Traveled.

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