I wrote and emailed a newsletter on life purpose for close to twenty years and pretty much knew what my readers wanted to receive. Now, as an author of visionary fiction and nonfiction, I’d like to provide readers as much as possible with what they want to receive. So, help me out by checking ALL the items below that you’d like to see in the OJB/WBS Amazingly Awesome Newsletter. Feel free to make additional suggestions in the comment section. Thanks in advance for your input.

Your Reward

To thank you for taking a minute to complete the poll, I’d like to send you a free short story that will be appearing in the first book of the Tess Barkley series due out in 2017 entitled, What’s in a Name where Argos (my canine companion) makes his literary debut (as a character, not the author. We’re still working on that one.) Here’s all you need to do:
1) Complete the poll,
2) Leave a comment at the bottom of the poll. It could be a suggestion or just a “Hi, Brad, how are you?” Your choice,
3) Zip me an email at brad@wbradfordswift.com so I can zip you back a copy of the short story. Place “Requesting copy of What’s in a Name” in the subject heading, let me know whether you want a PDF, mobi, or epub edition. Also, how about letting me know one thing that I’m doing right as an Indie author. (Certainly not required. I could just use a little pep talk.)