In the past few months I’ve tried to balance my writing time with my book promotion time with my family time with my Life On Purpose Coaching…you get the idea. A lot has been happening, not always in perfect balance.
However, along the way I’ve learned a lot and have attracted a lot of valuable resources that I believe other writers can enjoy as well. So, I’m adding to my long to-do list to start sharing more about these resources via this blog…starting with Fiverr.
Maybe I’m one of the last people on the internet to hear about Fiverr, but I doubt it. If you’ve not heard about it or not sure what you’ve heard about it, here’s the jest of it in Fiverr’s own words:

America’s Leading Marketplace for Services, Starting from Just $5

Really? Services for just $5. How can that be? That’s what I thought too when I first heard about them, but since using them several times I’m now a believer… with a few caveats.
My first foray into using Fiverr was to promote one of my books. I’ve used a number of different services with mixed results from poor to middle to great. Probably the one with the best and most consistent results is bknights. Now, if you click on that link you’ll end up at one of his Fiverr ‘gigs’ (that’s what they call their service offerings). And you’ll see that it’s not $5, but $10. That’s because it’s two of his gigs combined into one, which is one of the ways Fiverr service providers can do what they do for such low prices.
podcastArtAnother positive experience I’ve had was when Ann and I needed a quality image for our Life On Purpose Coaching Tips Podcast. Here’s the image we got for $5. Oh sure, provided some of the artwork. The background which came from our Life On Purpose book and the photos of our lovely mugs, but still, the graphic artist did a much nicer job than I could have done and much faster as well. I’m pretty sure that came from CreatePro180.
Next positive experience was when we needed a professional sounding introduction to our podcast. Enter Sandravo. Less than two days later, we had our intro. You can listen to it here.
And finally, back to the graphic department on Fiverr. This time I wanted two different types of promotional graphics:

  • Professional looking image to appear in the front of my free book, Seeds of a New Birth, that would offer a second free book (FreeForm) when people join the OJB Readers’ Group. And,
  • An image for a Facebook Ad offering Seeds of a New Birth for free.

Now, I couldn’t find anyone who exactly offered these gigs, but I did find Cynthia (or graphichubs as she’s known on Fiverr). Here’s her introduction:

“I am a Graphic expert and have worked for several Agency and Digital production firm. I am here to serve you with my years of experience with the use of digital product making sure I satisfy you and giving you the very best.”

I was impressed, but I have to admit what sold me was the cool glasses in her profile pic. What can I say, I’m a sucker for an attractive woman in glasses.
And boy did she deliver. Here are the two images:
Image for Seeds of a New Birth book
Image for Facebook Ad
(Well, that’s the full ad but it shows off the image well.) Cynthia customized these two images for a combined gig of $15, but she wasn’t finished wowing me.
She promised me a surprise since I’d turned her own to two new gigs she could offer to other writers (or maybe she just likes over-delivering).
A few days after receiving and approving these graphics, what should arrive in my inbox but my surprise.
Here is it! Press the little triangle and be amazed.